The BOSS Growth Program…

increase your personal abilities and achieve more of what you want

You are more committed to your personal development than many others… and you’re very likely described in one or more of the statements below…

  • .. a goal-oriented professional ready to take action to reach higher achievements
  • … a high performing individual ready to live your dreams Now (not someday)
  • … a senior Corporate Executive ready to launch your own profitable business idea!
  • … a new or existing Business Owner wanting new ideas to grow your business
  • .. a Coach, Author, Speaker or an Expert and want to know how to get more clients
  • … an Accountant, Wealth Advisor, Finance professional, Insurance professional and want to get more clients
  • … a brand new Start-up, Creative Entrepreneur or an Online entrepreneur and want to grow your business and get more clients
  • … a Publicist, Digital Media Agency or you own a team of VAs and want to grow your business
  • .. a Real Estate advisor, Interior Designer, Architect, Artist, Photographer or Virtual Reality advocates and want to know how to get more clients
  • … Brick and mortar business owners and want to transition to use more online and digital strategies
  • … a Business Owner and want to increase sales and profits
  • … Solo-preneurs in business and want to grow your business

You’ve found out … that having better abilities means having better results … and having more success. And you want to know how to get a personal breakthrough and have MASSIVE growth that can advance to your goals.

“Working with Adelena has been outrageously rewarding and life-changing. She has guided me through our sessions with wisdom and a clear sense of direction and has created a personal structure for me to clearly find my vision and work it”

Liz Addison

Composer Songwriter

B.O.S.S. means “Business Owner Super Sessions”

Its for the discerning professional who wants to elevate and reach your highest success … whilst having an effective coaching support system that supports you towards reaching those goals


We are glad and super excited to introduce to you the B.O.S.S Growth Program that is designed to MENTOR, DEVELOP, COACH AND SUPPORT you in your personal growth towards greater success, money and achievements.


Yes, for 12 months, you’ll have a solid support system for your personal goals AND your business. You will also GAIN unlimited opportunities to develop new skills, discover your own belief system, gain more possibilities and learnings … and gain MAXIMUM POSITIVE results in your entrepreneurial venture!

Not only business success, but in this program, you get to explore and know how to use fundamental principles of thinking so you can LIVE the kind of life that you want! This is by…

  • Looking at the 360° view of success
  • Developing the right attitude and mentality + systems/structures to nurture your business
  • Getting the full know-how, the skills, tools, methods, self-development, and awareness on how to make money AND be successful!

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BOSS Growth Program

This program helps you to continue growing… 

Its an IMPLEMENTATION program.. and tailors to the individual needs. It is meant to take you BEYOND just knowing, and to help you focus on the DOING.

Each step of the way, together we’ll discover your unique challenges that stops you (and may have also stopped you in the past…) from achieving your ideal “perfect” and “flawless” execution of plans to reach your goals. In this program, you are being supported all the way to reach your ultimate BEST.


The Development & Learning Systems in this program include…

Your Personal Development Track

Discover hidden beliefs

  • Uncover your personal beliefs and recognise your inherited beliefs about money
  • Choose those beliefs that support your goals
  • Work the new money beliefs so it works for you
  • Holding inner conversations that +vely support your wealth objectives
  • and more…

.. and experience the kind of success you truly want to have

Know Your Own Boundaries

  • Discover your personal boundaries and of those around you;
  • Identify and release any/all past transgressions
  • Acting to create awareness of personal boundaries
  • Discover any self-limiting beliefs; release any / all transgressions
  • and more…

.. and know how to have high self-worth

Define your 360°of Success

  • Be specific about what success means for you
  • Conscious awareness of any limiting beliefs about personal success
  • Know How to take action and reach your objectives
  • Awareness of self-limiting boundaries that slows you from reaching your objectives
  • and more….

… and experience the success you want to have

Inspired for Success

  • Know what truly inspires you
  • Awareness and letting go of negative inner conversations
  • Able to assess own thinking to uncover other self-limiting paradigms
  • Identify and eliminate despairing self-talk
  • … and much more…

.. and inspire yourself by your daily actions to reach your goals

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BONUS Track !!


For the strong, independent, and ambitious woman who desires more success in life, this program GIVES you added BONUS coaching tracks that are designed SPECIFICALLY for women entrepreneurs and the lady BOSS.

Your 1-year program includes any ONE out of 4 fast-track topics that help you to …. recognise and overcome challenging situations such as gender-based thinking, beliefs or other stereotypes that may negatively impact your performance.

Or…. you may felt that you are wasting time and resources trying to go “around” gender stereotypes and to overcome societal thinking limitations….

Or… you may be finding yourself constantly in the situations where you have to “prove” your worth to others.

Whatever your situation may be…. we are here to help you through all that.

As your coaching partner, we will help you to discover your unique and personal GIFTS … and to learn different ways that you can establish your uniqueness by turning negative into POSITIVE situations for yourself… and be absolutely comfortable as a Woman, a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter / Sister – AND also create the kind of success that you truly want to have.

The Business Track

Business Plan

  • Have a real and definite plan of action for your business
  • Have real financial income objectives
  • Get valuable feedback on budgets and expense plans
  • Identify your potential customers
  • Discover any limiting beliefs to planning effectively
  • … and more…

.. and get consistent cashflow in your business

Leaders make the Difference

  • Be THE Leader in your Business
  • Effectively enroll others in your vision
  • Duplicate your leadership efforts in your team
  • Gain additional perspectives and skills
  • Gain powerful communication skills
  • and more….

… running your business with YOUR Leadership in it!

Grow the Business

  • Easily automate and know how to be resourceful with online tools
  • Discover how entrepreneurs can automate post-sales & CRM
  • Ways to grow your business (without borrowing)
  • Transform the BOSS mindset to achieve next level
  • Ways to tap on virtual teams and go Global

.. and much more to help you effectively run your business!

Sales & Marketing…

  • Know who are your customers
  • How to learn to love selling
  • Being comfortable and asking for the sale
  • Empowering your sales conversations with confidence
  • Undo any old programming that limits sales success
  • Your unique and personal branding story
  • … and more…

.. that helps you get consistent cashflow in your business FAST

“The systems provided by Adelena in her coaching program gave me the perfect platform to launch my business. I feel liberated, strong and more determined than ever to reach my goals!”


Interior designer

You can get to your objectives FASTER… and SAVE your time AND money … because the answers that are already there…

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Your Mentors …


Founder & Consultant

I’ll help YOU to UpLevel your personal and business strategies in the way that brings you more MONEY and SUCCESS


Founder & Entrepreneur Coach

I’ll be working together with YOU and help you to transition quickly AND profitably to be a successful Business Owner.