“The best way to renew thought is to go outside the human imagination.”

—Bernard Werber

Perhaps its been less-than-ideal…

…. having to shoulder too much responsibility …. and resolve conflicts, motivate others, give support, … At times it gets lonely doing everything alone.

Others see only the results and not the sacrifices or risks that you’ve had to take along the way.

Recognise any similarities with other top professionals… ?

Gets overwhelmed occasionally from too much responsibility

Sometimes feels ’empty’ and emotionally drained;

Have some anxiety when making big decisions;

Taking things too seriously at times,

Reluctant to admit mistakes;

Secretly seeks re-assurance and self-validation;

Feels powerless at times and unable to speak-up

 Have difficulty accepting authority

Tends towards being more ‘pessimist‘ and seeing more of (and act based on) negative expectations, rather than positive

Feel like reaching a ‘block’ in life, and feeling shy or afraid to ask for help

Does it feel as if these thoughts could be getting in the way… causing some slow-down or losing positive energy?

A powerful realisation is one of wanting to create more positive experiences and a new and different way to live life

Your choices can be : to stop yourself from moving forward, by (again) telling yourself “its not that bad”… or – you can start to discover how to create new and positive experiences for yourself

Others have done it… with some help … they learned how to create positive experiences… and live better, feel more fulfilled, be happier, more self-confident, hold higher self-worth .. Most of all, they found answers to let go of any guilt, anger, shame or self-blame.

What it could be like … having more of the abilities to achieve higher success…

 Show more empathy and better listening skills; be seen as a higher-level executive leader;

Effortlessly generate more creative ideas and solutions; showing-up more powerfully in your role;

 Feel more confidence; accept bigger challenges in stride and ready for higher goals;

Being comfortable with earning more money; being an asset to the sales team by achieving higher targets;

Feeling more confident around others; gaining more trust and openness in relationships;

Radiating positive emotions that attract positivity and draws others to connect with you

How this works for you… 

To expand the vision of what might be possible

You’ll be invited at each session, to engage yourself from within, and discover more about yourself than ever before.

There’ll be opportunities to discover some possibilities, some options and even some choices made previously, consciously or unconsciously. There are also opportunities to recognise different and new ways of thinking, that helps to create the clearer and more vivid and bigger vision of yourself.

New thoughts and ideas may show up; there could also be discoveries about old beliefs or old thinking patterns; or some habits or behaviours that become noticeable during the process of coaching.

As your coach, we’ll engage with your vision for yourself, help to uncover the plan to reach your vision; show how to identify those things that give energy; teach some of the skills needed to reach the vision and discuss possible daily new behaviours to enrich daily experiences.

As your coach, we’ll show how to hold a higher vision of yourself, have a plan to achieve it and be self-inspired to achieve it.

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