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Career Growth

Learn more about inner abilities and right-brain functions, and discover some of the ‘inner conversations’ that is creating the present results.

Through the Discovery program, our clients get some clarity on the kind of thoughts, inner conversations or feelings that are holding them back, and learn about different ways to have new outcomes.


Entrepreneur Growth

Know what it is that will be easier, and is faster, clearer and ways to do ‘things’ in less time. Learn different ways to have more clients, increase revenue, use technology / IT or to hire.

Through the Discovery program, our clients get the quick-start they need in their business, by knowing some different ways that results in more speed, clarity and more time.


Reasons to join Discovery

Career Improvement

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Perhaps it is that you’ve missed out on a career growth opportunity once, or several times. In the Discovery program, you’ll learn some ideas that could shift your thinking about self-image, some abilities and conversations that helps to bring more respect and being more of a good-fit for a new higher role.

Gaining Trust & Respect

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There’s an opportunity to do more and achieving more with a team. And yet more skills are needed to hold the team together, create unity and trust in your vision and goals.

In the Discovery program, there are opportunities to learn about leading, motivating and inspiring others who feel uncertain to ‘play along’ towards your higher goals.

Soft-skills for the Boardroom

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Directors who are appointed to serve on the Board need skills to ‘survive’ boardroom culture and able to be re-appointed in the following year(s).

As our client in the Discovery program, there are opportunities to learn of different ideas and thinking, and perspectives, focus, skills that can be mindfully better-placed to serve in a Boardroom position.

Career-to-Business Transition

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Business skills differs significantly from employment skills, and also requires significant change of mindset. Many ‘things’ must be understood and acted upon from new or different perspective.

In a Discovery program, it is to recognise where there may be ‘gaps’ and discovering them early. In this Discovery program, we help our clients to have different ways or newer ideas that helps to reach their financial goals quicker.

Work-Life Values

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We show our clients ways to create quality outcomes that resulted from having more time, and also to discover some other ‘things’ that are important to them in life, and clarity of what else could be ‘missing’ that needs more focus and attention.

In Discovery, there are also opportunities to learn about increasing inner abilities to have deeper child-parent and spousal bonds.

New Self-Image

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Learn about the ways that the inner conversations that goes on automatically, unnoticed, are creating your present results. Get some learnings to use, that helps alter those conversations about yourself, and live into a higher self-image of who you can be.

What Discovery is about

You’re likely to want either one of two things :

a) to get clarity on 1 or 2 things at the top of your priority list; or

b) to get confidence that professional coaching is right for you at this time; 

Our clients are highly accomplished individuals, and these include the Directors of public-listed companies, top Lawyers for Oil & Gas companies, executive officers working in Bank Negara, up and coming Social Media influencers and also Founders of trendy startups. These, and many more, have joined Discovery.

These are some of the things that our clients wanted to have coaching for :

  • work-life balance (Cxx, regional)
  • sales strategies, some skills & sales-close conversations (insurance & mutual trust)
  • business priority, finance, HR &  leadership skills for business owner (boutique, brick & mortar)
  • get clients for a startup coaching business
  • get clarity & have the skills to get a much-deserved promotion (senior manager level)
  • get clarity on C-level employer-employee roles & responsibility while in a PLC
  • learning about right-brain possibilities (HR Head & Executive Director, PLC)

.. and much more.

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As a Client, you’ll receive information to help you create your next success and take action towards it. 

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Every two weeks we’ll be doing some inner work together, and add-on newer learnings towards the desired goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I know my life purpose?

Perhaps. You’ll be able to find out and get more deeply connected with those things that are truly important to you. It could be things you’ve never thought of or knew about. 

Through a Discovery program, there’ll be learnings about what else you need to be able to get started, or speed up, the steps towards the vision of what you want to be doing in life.

Can this help me in sales?

You’ll be able to learn of sales conversation skills from the inside-out, and ways to use more of inner skills like perception, intuition and awareness in sales conversations. There’ll be opportunities to recognise more right-brain conversations and connect more emotionally to the sales conversation process.

Discovery program is about knowing and enhancing yourself from the inside, and easier ways to reach the desired results.

Is it suitable for teenage children?

Our expertise is to help our clients be able to successfully transition to being a business owner, to create sustainable  and financially-rewarding business, leadership skills and helping clients have additional skills to serve effectively in the Boardroom role. 

Will it help my career?

Our client, Ms X, had missed getting a promotion although she was the most qualified candidate for the position. Through Discovery, she learned about her inner abilities and more of right-brain skills, and was offered her desired role within 3 months of being in Discovery.

While not every client experiences results in such a short time, by being in a Discovery program, a client gets to know of more ways through self-development that helps others to notice and pay more attention to their potential in a leadership position.

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