doing more together


A few people in a close-knit circle who want to learn, play, grow their vision and to support each other.


Community of Advisors

You’re a valuable contributor in a small circle of long-time friends, or warm circle of work colleagues who want to  be learning together, and ‘playing’ for more.

Perhaps its to be able to contribute more being in a competitive sports team, or to contribute more effectively in the family office and estate planning.

Being in Sofea Circle, its that there will be opportunities to discover more ways to reach a higher common vision together. 


Knowing the one thing that is important and valuable


Have a few things about that which inspires and helps each other to dream bigger, and create more impact and influence.


Developing more of the skills and abilities and ways to harness more of the desired results while being a team.


Know some ways to be consistently growing and never having to feel like being on an endless ‘plateau’.


Looking at some of the ‘things’ that help with, or impacts the ease of reaching the vision. 


What clients have said…


“This program really made a huge impact, not just to the progress of my businesses but also to the growth of myself as a person and the owner of the business.”

John H.

“A lot of my actions and thoughts in the past were anchored into certain biases that limited my belief and ability to dream bigger. I gained the confidence to chase my dream again of making an impact to other people through investment literacy.”


“It is different from any other programs that I have attended where the Coach will tell you what you need to do in this, that manner like it is casted in stone.”


Reach upwards together

The future in a tech-centred era needs teams and groups to have newer and better skills that helps to advance and achieve higher ambitions and to have new ways to stay together.


Contribute to each other

Self-awareness, communication and self-leadership are essential. Developing more human skills is hard – but essential to have a strong sense of belonging and meaningful bonds to remain together.


New ways to create

Discover some better ways to create and to innovate. Be able to make choices to shift the thoughts that may limit creativity and innovation, and is holding back the ability to reach for more.


Learning more of future skills for work and business

 SOFEA stands for Skills of the Future in the Era of Augmentation, where our clients are a few individuals in a small and close-knit  circle, and together, want to be increasing and having more abilities for mental,  emotional and intellectual performance.

By receiving professional coaching help together, it is to have growth and learning experiences and being able to reach forward higher, together. Perhaps it is to discover ways to elevate performance skills, un-limit innovation, to feel ‘safe’ and ‘trust’ in the team, or to have deeper connection to the overall investment vision and goals.

There may be some questions you have about how we can best serve your needs, and we’re happy to provide more information.

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