For those who want to reach more of the kind of results that matter to them the most.

Our clients want different ways to get ‘behind’ their own thinking for more results. And being a professional with a strong track record of past achievements, our clients look to us for professional coaching as a way they can go farther and higher than ever before.

Each year, we enrol just a few clients as part of our community who are curious for better and easier ways forward and to have higher results.

The thing is – our approach to clients unlike most of the coaching providers out there. We don’t use ads, or marketing funnels & filters, or some fancy-snazzy method to ‘get’ new clients, or buy ‘hot leads’.

Our focus in the end-to-end client experience – and its ‘WYSIWYG’. Which means, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get – and you’ll always be working with us coaching professionals, not trainees or ‘junior’ level coaches that you have to pass-through to get your questions answered.

And it starts from the first conversation with a contact / prospect or potential client, or just about anyone. We make sure its 100% real so that a client can feel what it is like to be our client.

About US

Dephy Oon, CEO & Lead, Business Advisory, Forbes Council Member, previously Technology Specialist Services & Consulting.


We have several flexible options for clients to choose the plan that is a good fit and can help client to ‘fill the blanks’ to get what is needed and reach forward.


Discovery 2023

For clients who want to have just a brief time of coaching to learn a few new things that can help to get ahead.

Salon 2023

For those who want to get the most of each year by having coaching to be designed and tailored to their needs.

Destination Intensive

Be at different places around the world and get to experience more of the inner work together in a group.

Start a Coaching Business

Get the tools to quickly create your successful (and profitable) business as a coach. Enquire to find out more.


I joined Salon because I felt that I needed guidance when I decided to go into self-employment. Salon helped a lot with that and MORE.

It changed my mental model on success and made a positive impact on my personal growth. Paradigm shift and breakthrough from thinking to feeling helped me achieve my life goals..

Marzida Mohd Noor, Board Member, Financial

There are certain points in life where I hit stagnation was struggling to find answers. I embarked on a journey to be Coached, curious but hungry to find answers to my life and business.

John Huo, CEO Vuca Insights

There were “wow” moments for things which I never have thought about before and applying some tools and tips were awesome!

Zulaifah Abdul Ghani, Finance, Regional COE

This has challenged my thinking and helped me break down self-limiting beliefs that held me back, giving me the courage to re-visit my approach to my business.

Rinkoo Ramchandani, MD, Unlocked, Hong Kong

Living an abundant, rich and fulfilling life is an important topic, and they both made it easy-to-understand.

Chiew Sheau-Mei, TAR College

It’s certainly opened my mind, thoughts, views and whole new perspective in life. I have also learned psychological and analytical skills, and it’s absolutely mind blowing!

Farhana, Interior Furnishing Business

This program really made a huge impact, not just to the progress of my businesses but also to the growth of myself as a person and the owner of the business.

Dymphna Lanjuran, Lawyer

This program is unique, far different from all others I’ve attended

Liyana Ahmad Zaini, Business Owner, AZO Sdn Bhd

Highlights in 2023

Each year, we actively seek out newer and better ways to be a coach for high-performing clients. From the time that we began to professionally coach clients, every year, there’s a few things that we’ll be doing differently than a previous year (and with more positive outcomes for clients).

Salon Elite

It’s the all-in-one, with premium access to get the coaching help when needed. This also comes with complementary access to global destination intensives coaching and the *new* Exclusives, a premium service for our best customers to get more out of a few hours of coaching than ever before. 

Discovery 2023

Get behind the ONE thing that needs to be ‘done and away with’ already and get ahead. Discover some better ways or new ideas to go about creating results, PLUS get access to join any of our destination intensives or opt for premium services at preferred rates.

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