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The Subconscious Mind

Master your mind – Learn how the subconscious mind works and how to gain newer results.

Skills for New Directors

Learn about new skills for Board members, and how it impacts effectiveness.

Inner Awareness

Find out how to build higher awareness and increase impact and influence

IINCUBE – Innovating from Inside

Easy tools to strengthen mental, emotional, and intellectual skills. More details here.

Using Your Personal Advantage

You could want more money, or to have more opportunities in life. Or you want the ‘right’ relationships, or to be taking the right steps in business to achieve your goals faster.

How much easier and quicker could you achieve it by knowing what, and how, to use your advantageous skills?

Results and rewards come easier, and naturally to our clients – because they have new ways to shift their ‘problems’ into focused challenges that can be easily solved with their ‘zone of genius’. And for our clients, it becomes effortless, easy and very natural to win.

There are no fixed formulas or rigid contents for discovering and showing our clients how to know and use their personal advantage.

We show our clients how to do some inner  discovery work, some energy work, some  higher intellectual development work, and have a strategy and action plan so they can get more results and achievements sooner and easier.

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In this one day, you’ll gain knowledge of using the higher intellectual abilities in your day-to-day activities.

Know how to help yourself get improved results, get more creative ideas, use more innovation, get higher sales, learn things faster, … and more. 


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Be a Client

You’re someone who may have a corporate position, or  be in business, and for a while now, it feels like life is going ‘ok’ for you. The daily routine is not too exciting nor fulfilling, but the money is ok, but it is not growing. Future prospects are not improving. And deep down  you know that eventually ‘hope’ won’t be paying the bills.

You’re wondering if this is your ‘best’ in life? Is there more, and is it out of reach?

Others know you as someone who is driven, passionate and down-to-earth, and who others say is kind, wise and fun to be with.

At this point in life, you want to have something more – that is exciting, valuable, and also reachable by having  clear next steps. 

And to know of your new possibilities – you’re open to learn and explore, and have ways to get ‘beneath’ the current thinking. You want to have clarity – “What do I have now that can get me more of what I want?”

And you’re interested to have meaningful conversations, to exchange ideas and make learning connections that happen in a more meaningful, deeper and more human ‘way’. 

You’re ready to be more purposeful with your time & energy – and use it to gain more clarity and insights for the higher possibilities.



You’ll learn about the inner abilities – perception, memory and will – and be able to overcome the feelings that prevent you from being real to yourself about having unhealthy relationships, unclear purpose or unhealthy finances.

You’ll get to learn of different ways to un-mask the causes of unhealthy emotions in terms of thinking and feelings, and gain newer insights that improves your results.

Together, while being in a coaching program with us, we’ll show you ways to get ‘under’ your own thinking and to ‘see’ what is needed to shift or get out of the way.

These learnings and discoveries makes it easier and more effortless to ‘see’ farther, recognise bigger opportunities, to receive more money and create impactful results for yourself.

Bigger Vision

We’ll be showing you some ways to create a bigger vision that you dream of yourself to be.

There will be learnings about ways to use your higher abilities – intuition, imagination, and reasoning – to create more of what you want.

There will be continuous learning and continuous experiences to discover, and having easy, gentle and incremental shifts  that help you move forward, and also to know what to anticipate from it.

Inner Work

By working on yourself, it is to reach the inner, higher intellectual abilities and to use these gifts of yours to create more of the bigger vision of you, and what you want.

Along the way, there are opportunities to discover any hidden life experiences that are holding you back, or an outdated belief, or certain assumptions (cultural or societal biases) that are no longer relevant.

You’ll know of any pre-conditions in the present reality, such as family or peer expectations, biases, behavioural assumptions, or such similar conditions that is holding you back.

By doing inner work, as your coach, we’ll show you how to have different ways to go about shifting or updating it, so you can feel energised, confident and clear on how to take steps forward.



As your coach, we’ll be showing you ways to create a blueprint of yourself – your  overall definite goals or a purpose, your inner gifts and how to use it, and some ways to achieve it.

You’ll have more options to take actions to leverage on the inner strengths and abilities, and to be ‘in the flow’ with energy and momentum to achieve the most results in a shorter time.

Your personal strategy is yours; its your unique vision of exactly where you want to be and ways for you to get ‘there. There will more ideas about the actions you can take and ways of utilising the inner energy and abilities to get you ‘there’.

You’ll know how to get the best returns for all your time, energy and efforts by having your personal strategy.

The Plan

You’ll know of, and learn different ways to arrange, organise and maximise your inner abilities and energy so it can help and support you.

Some ways are advantageous, and is easier and works better for you – which we’ll discover along the way, together.

Whether its about getting into a position of power, or influencing a team, or creating financial results… there are different ways to use, and you’ll be able to discover the ways that works best for you.

As our client, you’ll get to learn about how to use more of the inner abilities – intuition, perception and imagination – to your  advantage, and in a way that benefits you the most.

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