Serving our Clients

Our clients are individuals, professionals or businesses who want to get more out of life and having the ability that adds to consistently achieving more.

Often, a client has some idea of the abilities to have, that benefits them. They may know what they want, and know ‘where’ they want to be in life, which could arise out of the expectations at work, through job assessments or evaluations.

Some other clients may take cues of their higher potential from spiritual or metaphysical guides. These are clients who have ready goals, and want new or better ways to get ‘there’.

We specialise in providing the services for clients to be able to reach ahead, and to get beyond where they are, and to get to where they want to be. What clients want is also to achieve this in the easiest, most effortless way possible.

Higher Potential

Our services is in helping clients to have more of what they want to have – perhaps its higher goals, more achievements, relationship boundaries, new directions – its those things that gives our clients purpose, satisfaction or joy to have.

The success we have in serving clients is because each client – and the things they want is different and unique. There are no fixed formulas for this kind of work that clients require; there is no “syllabus” or pre-determined content, that if used, can work for these many varied needs of each client.

Our Experience

Over the years, we’ve worked together with many high-performing clients and those who constantly seek to have ‘more’. And we’ve invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands in resources, materials, conferences, seminars and coaching experiences around the world. We’ve hired and been coached by world-renowned professionals to know what it takes to be a high-performing coach for high-performing clients.

This work requires more than just experience; it also requires several hundreds of hours of actively doing this work, and processing all the knowledge to be more masterful in performing the work with our clients to get the kind of results they want to have.

…unique & far different from others

“I get to explore & understand much better of my inner self, inner emotions, inner weakness, and I can take steps by acknowledging the issues & take action to “break-through” the barriers/stigma and have more confidence. This program is unique and far different from all others I’ve attended.”

Susie , Former Banker, MYS

…WOW moments

It was a very safe and pleasant environment which allows me to explore deep within me to find MY love. There were “wow” moments for things which I never have thought about before and applying some tools and tips were awesome! A great journey indeed and highly recommended!

Zulaifah, Head of Finance, SGP 


…really helped me

“In this program, I learnt to be accountable and learning to influence people in a positive direction. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to have positive mindset change for the better and creating a well balanced life professionally and personally. This has really helped me.

Liyana, Business Owner, MYS

…empowering & inspiring

In three sessions we mapped out my ideal client, offers and pricing by connecting with my passion and uncovering my message. She listens and takes the time to really get to the core and then helps you translate everything into a business model that works for you. We had empowering and inspiring sessions. Highly recommended!

Monique Daal, Business Mentor, NLD

.. to the next level

Before, I always thought that I am incapable of starting something of my own and do sales. I learned that these are learnable skills and I’ve more than doubled my income in this period.

MJ, Investment, MYS

…business structures to start

I was guided through a journey of self discovery and I have now ventured into the business of transformational coaching and am simply loving it. And I also gained some business structures to start! I came away feeling rejuvenated, inspired and also armed with tools to start making tracks in my coaching business.

Bhavani, Head of Legal, MYS