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Paddee Connexions is a pioneer in personal coaching for success. Our clients are Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Career Professionals who want to have a breakthrough in life and / or business. Our solutions are tailored to suit the unique characteristics of an individual, and the process is calibrated at each step of the coaching process to match the pace of growth they are ready to have.

35 years combined experience in starting and growing self-invested businesses.

Always listening to the customer, and finding better ways that we can serve our clients. We are passionate about truly making a difference and having a positive impact in the world. By creating powerful coaching experiences for clients we help clients to improve their money skills and mindset, enhance their business and leverage professional careers.

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Founder & Executive Coach

B. Sc. (Comp Sci & Info Sys); Founder of 3 IT Startups; 20+ years leadership & management experience; Personal Consultant & Coaching for Top Executive clients


Founder & Entrepreneur Coach

B. Sc.(Hons) Accounting. Accomplished Speaker, Certified Success Coach and expert practitioner of the Universal Laws.

Executive Leadership


Get ready to have more impact and influence by developing the skills to be authentic

If there is one job that won’t be automated anytime soon, is the job of a LEADER. As job evolution takes place, a Leader becomes someone who demonstrates significantly outstanding communication capabilities and excellent people skills. We show you how to develop your intrinsic abilities as a leader and tapping on your unique qualities to be more authentic. You gain deep insights to your own process of thinking, process of decision making and process of creativity. You can get more prepared than ever to reach your highest success.


Entrepreneur Income

Want more clients for your business? Tired of waiting for +ve cashflow months? Need more cash to grow?

Get started on being the 6-figure business Entrepreneur. In this program, you get to learn how to create a focused, action-oriented and productive strategies to drive your business goals.

  • Learn to structure your business RIGHT and free more time to be focused.
  • Leverage the internet to get new clients and release any anxiety of being tech-savvy
  • Take your business farther, and discover some new ways to increase sales
  • Discover possibilities beyond what you can currently see and have more ways to reach your goals
  • Gain some new abilities and act, think or perform more effectively
  • Get deep insight into some things that may be holding you back and slowing you down


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Want the perfect 2-in-1 combination? You’ve reached the right place. We’ll show you some necessary skills to help you reach your goals, and you may discover some things you want to change, fix or shift out of the way so you can reach your highest success.



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Business Coaching

Adelena has certainly opened my mind, thoughts, views and whole new perspective in life. The course isn’t just about achieving success, but also understanding what success means in depth. I have also learned psychological and analytical skills within this course, it’s absolutely mind blowing!! She thought me that I should really drop the word ‘try’ in my vocabulary, and keep saying I WILL make it happen! The journey on this course is intense but whole lot of fun! The role plays certainly helped gained my confidence, slowly,but surely!
Adelena, you’re the best! THANKS A BUNCH! xoxo

Liz Addison
Business Coaching

Working with Adelena has been outrageously rewarding and life-changing. As an artist, I have been extremely creative and prolific throughout my career, but have never experienced the kind of manifestation in the physical realm that I am by working with her. Each day a new, more powerful opportunity arises and I am making huge strides. Adelena has guided me through our sessions with wisdom and a clear sense of direction and has created a personal structure for me to clearly find my vision and work it. She has noticed areas where I have lapsed and has offered useful suggestions, visualizations, exercises and care to help me refocus my attention and keep me on track. She has been patient and solid in her support and a sincere and serious coach. I am truly changing for the better and would recommend her to anyone.

Michele Cempaka
Life Success Coaching

Adelena was very enthusiastic & positive in facilitating our group, often offering insightful advice which inspired us to shift our perceptions from just living an ordinary life, to moving beyond into creating the extraordinary life we all deserve. I felt very supported throughout our 11 week Mastermind program & would highly recommend her life success coaching programs to my friends & colleagues!

Business Coaching

Adelena and Dephy are great at coaching and straregizing! For a new business owner like me, having a third (or fourth!) eyes to look at things in their own ways really made a huge impact, not just to the progress of my businesses but also to the growth of myself as a person and the owner of the business.

With a complete session of the first entrepreneur coaching program, I have grown a lot from where I was 3 months ago, and currently, with just 1 session in the 6-figure business program, I’m all geared up for more achievements in my businesses! Thank you, Adelena and Dephy!

Grace Chew
Business Coaching

Everybody can help themselves achieve their dreams, goals and desires and everybody has equal potential and it’s infinite! I would love to share Bob Proctors concepts with many and use them to gather momentum, urgency, creativity in my business and personal growth. Adelena is fantastic, very confident and very sincere. My coach is a gem!

Lim Shyang Huei
Business Coaching

If we want to change our results, we must change our self-image first. The mastermind sessions coached by Adelena has been a mind opening experience.

Chiew Siau Mei
Public Success Seminars

Adelena and Dephy are passionate about sharing insights and experiences to inspire the audience to find meaning in life. Whether one is happy with where one is now or looking for some inspiration to live a more fulfilling life, there are many tips to bring back from their engaging and practical session. Living an abundant, rich and fulfilling life is an important topic, and they both made it easy-to-understand with clear principles and time-tested wisdom.

Chan Li Cheng
Business Coaching

I achieved clarity in who I am now and more aware of what I lack or desire to have.

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