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The Subconscious Mind

Master your mind – Learn how the subconscious mind works and how to gain newer results.

Skills for New Directors

Learn about new skills for Board members, and how it impacts effectiveness.

Inner Awareness

Find out how to build higher awareness and increase impact and influence

IINCUBE Learning

Different ways to own your higher results. More details here.

Creating Results for Clients

1. Niche business model

Our clients want to be doing what makes them happy AND fulfilled, and earn 2x or 3x the previous income. Their careers have progressed beyond being in a 9-5 job, and going forward, they want to have more money and time from their business.

2. Easier Selling

Our clients want the skills and the income from knowing how to make a sale, and they want this experience to be like it is not about ‘selling’.

3. New Communication  Culture

Family-owned businesses need to shift their energy and mindset towards newer ideas, management culture and digitalisation culture so as to inspire Gen-Z and Millennials’ interest and participation. They want to be communicating more of themselves, and to communicate interest, experience, value, relevance, consideration and concensus.


4. Promotion / higher appointment

Our clients want to know their specific personal ‘gaps’ to close or the energy to embody, so to be ‘given’ more trust and confidence to get the desired promotion.

Their new  energy helps them gain more visibility, recognition, confidence and positive  impression and so to be invited to serve on a Board of Director position.

5. Easier, Faster with More Impact and Results

It’s about doing whatever has to be done, but to do things in the fastest, quickest, easiest and most efficient way possible. Our clients want to know better, newer and more effective ways to get the results they want.



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Creating your valuable WINs

We show our clients how to create their valuable WINs that add up to get their results easier and quicker. 

The thing is, we’re not like any other coaching providers out there. We don’t run ads, no funnels & filters, and no fancy snazzy marketing campaigns.

We focus on the plain pure ‘work’ that we do with clients, to get them to reach those results they want to have.

We take on just a few clients a year – that we fully serve with 100% focus, attention and give it everything we’ve ever learned, by turning it into unforgettable learning experiences for them.

Our clients want to work with us and they choose to sign-on and renew with us every year. And one of the reasons is that we are constantly challenging ourselves higher, and so our clients can use this leverage to get higher.


Together with us as your Coach, we’ll show the ways to get ‘under’ your own thinking and to ‘see’ what is needed to shift or get out of the way, so you can ‘speed-up’ and create more WINs.

These learnings and discoveries makes it easier and more effortless to ‘see’ farther, recognise bigger opportunities, to receive more money and create impactful results for yourself.

Bigger Vision

Create more and bigger WINs, first by knowing the clear idea and having some bigger ideas and vision of results that you want to have. Clients will also know of creating the valuable and meaningful WINs  towards the desired goals.

Inner Work

Along the way, there are opportunities to discover any hidden life experiences that are holding you back, or an outdated belief, or certain assumptions (biases, paradigms, beliefs) that are no longer relevant.

By doing inner work, as your coach, we’ll show you how to have different ways to go about shifting or updating it, so you can feel energised, confident and clear on how to take steps forward.


As your coach, we’ll be showing you ways to create a blueprint of yourself – your  overall definite goals or a purpose, your inner gifts and how to use it, and some ways to achieve it.

Your personal strategy is yours; its your unique vision of exactly where you want to be and ways for you to get ‘there. There will more ideas about the actions you can take and ways of utilising the inner energy and abilities to get you ‘there’.

The Plan

You’ll be able to focus on which are needed actions to take, in a way that is organised and optimised to you and your energy.

As our client, you’ll get to learn about how to use more of the inner abilities – intuition, perception and imagination – to your  advantage, and in a way that benefits you the most.

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