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Welcome. We’re happy to ‘tell’ you more about our work with clients in the following pages, and the results they’ve had.

Perhaps you’ve learned about our website from a friend or contact who may have been a client of ours. Or maybe it showed up in a search for more info about coaching, leadership, group coaching, learning tools or something similar.

Do take a few minutes to know more about us and how we work together with clients; perhaps there may be some things that are similar to the things you’re looking to have.

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How we serve our Clients

Our clients are fascinating and fun, and somewhat curious individuals – and want to know how high is the ‘high’ they can reach; or how to get to their better ‘best’.

What we do is to help our clients to have new and different ways to reach their higher possibilities in life.

By taking some time and doing some ‘work’ together, we help them in ways for them to reach a new way to discover, and do ‘things’ that brings them higher than before. What we do is help them to have better ways to experience learnings, so they can explore what is truly possible.

A Fresh Perspective

By being open to new and different ways to learn, there are learnings and discoveries, or some new insights that helps them reach forward. Perhaps its something new that shifts that which slows you down…   and results should take months or years to ‘happen’ could happen in just weeks or days.

These are just some of the things clients get to experience while doing some work with us, that gives them different ways to reach better than their ‘best’.


Over the years, we’ve worked together with many high-performing clients and those who constantly seek to have ‘more’. And we’ve invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands in resources, materials, conferences, seminars and coaching experiences around the world. We’ve hired and been coached by world-renowned professionals to know what it takes to be a high-performing coach for high-performing clients like yourself.

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B. Sc. (Comp Sci & Info Sys)

My best clients are Career Professionals and Business Professionals who are constantly wanting to have progress in life. They are some of the most fun, interesting and fascinating people that I’ve ever met and had the opportunity to spend time with, and who constantly remind me of how possible things could be by daring greatly.


B. Sc.(Hons) Accounting

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the top Business and Management professionals, and currently also with Directors of companies. My clients constantly are showing me that progress is key to success, and working with them has been truly inspiring.

What Clients are saying…

…unique & far different from others

“I get to explore & understand much better of my inner self, inner emotions, inner weakness, and I can take steps by acknowledging the issues & take action to “break-through” the barriers/stigma and have more confidence. This program is unique and far different from all others I’ve attended.”

Susie Wong, Former Banker, MYS, Mar 2020


…really helped me

“In this program, I learnt to be accountable and learning to influence people in a positive direction. I recommend Adelena to anyone who is looking to have positive mindset change for the better and creating a well balanced life professionally and personally. This has really helped me.

Liyana Ahmad Zaini, Owner, AZO Group Sdn Bhd, MYS, Mar 2020


…useful take-aways

We love to have Ms. Adelena to share her insights on the path to board seats for CFA members in Vietnam. The way she led the discussion was very interesting and informative. I personally got some useful takeaways to develop my career path. Therefore, I recommend her for young investment professionals.

Dzung Cao CFA, Investment Associate, VIETNAM, Oct 2019


…WOW moments

Adelena created a very safe and pleasant environment which allows me to explore deep within me to find MY love. There were “wow” moments for things which I never have thought about before and applying some tools and tips were awesome! A great journey indeed and highly recommended!

Zulaifah Abdul Ghani, Head of Finance, Regional CoE, SGP Sep 2019


…new perspective in life

Adelena has certainly opened my mind, thoughts, views and whole new perspective in life.
I have also learned psychological and analytical skills, and it’s absolutely mind blowing!! I learned to drop the word ‘try’ in my vocabulary, and to use WILL instead! The journey is intense but whole lot of fun!

Farhana, Int. Furn. Business, MYS Jun 2019


…empowering & inspiring

In three sessions we mapped out my ideal client, offers and pricing by connecting with my passion and uncovering my message. She listens and takes the time to really get to the core and then helps you translate everything into a business model that works for you. We had empowering and inspiring sessions. Highly recommended!

Monique Daal, Business Mentor | Author | Expert Pedagogical, NLD, Nov 2018


…business structures to start

I was guided through a journey of self discovery and I have now ventured into the business of transformational coaching and am simply loving it. And I also gained some business structures to start! I came away feeling rejuvenated, inspired and also armed with tools to start making tracks in my coaching business.

Bhavani Manickam, Head of Legal, O&G, MYS, Sep 2018


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