3-Day Quick Start

Mastering inner awareness

for higher results


From 20 – 22 April, 2022
Starting at 8:00pm GMT +8 Malaysia local time

This program is suitable for those who want to learn how to decipher the internal mechanisms. It helps to create different and better results, in both the formal (career or business) and informal (parenting, relationships, social) setting.

There are no educational or professional pre-requisites required. This course will be conducted fully in English.

In these 3 days, you’ll learn …

Session on Day 1 (90mins)

  • What is it? And why only SOME people can make it work for them?
  • Why is it important?
  • The Essentials – the building blocks of inner awareness
  • How it helps in getting better results
  • Who needs to know this, and why?
  • Common mistakes with having partial knowledge or half-information

Session on Day 2 (90mins)

  • The Proverbial ‘Glass Ceiling’ – why does this happen?
  • How to overcome the limiting factors
  • Tools to UP YOUR GAME – from a professional’s coaching toolkit
  • Practice session – identifying the glass ceiling & remedies

Session on Day 3 (90mins)

  • Re-cap Day 1 & 2
  • Techniques for powerful awareness implementation
  • Creating and achieving your BHAG (big, hairy audacious goal)
  • Case studies – learn what works and what doesn’t


You’ll also receive a downloadable e-workbook in advance, that contains important information from the program. The session duration is approximately 90mins, as additional time may be required for Q&A which may extend to over 90mins. 

The sessions start at 8pm daily, on Apr 20,21, 22 for the year 2022. 


How Inner Awareness affects your Results

Know of someone who is a dynamic individual who is focused, ambitious, hard-working – yet they seem to find it challenging to go UP the corporate ladder or improve in business?

Its not uncommon – being on a plateau, or feeling plateaued actually happens to many people. Perhaps its to get that promotion, a better job, higher pay, or more opportunities. Maybe, in business, its to know how to grow the business in a sustainable way – without losing business partners, without money-friction, with more harmony.

In all of these situations, there are 2 main forces at play – things a person KNOWS, and things a person DOES NOT KNOW. But the things a person knows – is also most likely available or obtainable by others. This means – there’s no real or significant advantage there. 

This is where the INNER awareness makes a significant difference. Its the part that most often people DO NOT KNOW about themselves. Its the added advantage, as each is different from others, and each is unique.

Here’s what you can expect to have from the program :

  • Learn how to use inner awareness effectively
  • Achieve more consistent results
  • Know your advantages
  • Know how to better relate to others
  • Be more confident to aim for higher results and bigger goals

These are only some of the common benefits. Additionally, there are individual take-aways which is not listed above.

The fee for this program is     USD $297

This is an introductory price for 2021, and in view return to ‘normalcy’, prices will be revised for 2022.

This has really helped me

“I recommend Adelena to anyone who is looking to have positive mindset change for the better and creating a well balanced life professionally and personally. This has really helped me.

Liyana, Business Owner,
MALAYSIA, March, 2020

Deep Introspection

“Adelena created a very safe and pleasant environment to explore my thoughts deeply, and applying some tools and tips were awesome! A great journey indeed and highly recommended!”

Zulaifah, Head of Finance, Regional CoE
SINGAPORE, September 2019

Self Discovery and Loving it

“Through self discovery, I have now ventured into the business of transformational coaching and am simply loving it. Feeling  rejuvenated, inspired and also armed with tools to start making tracks in my coaching business.”

Bhavani, Head of Legal, Oil & Gas Co
MALAYSIA, September, 2018

Clarity is Empowering

“Adelena helped me get more clarity on the direction of my business. We mapped out my ideal client, offers and pricing by connecting with my passion and uncovering my message. We had empowering and inspiring sessions. Highly recommended!

Monique Daal, Author | Expert Pedagogical
NETHERLANDS, November, 2018

Gain Confidence

“I understand my inner self, inner emotions, inner weakness, and taking action to break through the barriers and stigma and have more confidence. This program is unique, far different from all others I’ve attended.”

Susie, Wealth Rep
MALAYSIA, Mar 2020

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The 3Day Quick Start
to Developing Inner Awareness

This course is delivered online, and will be conducted fully in English.