Details about Joining 3PC

A way to explore the higher possibilities with a few others

These are some questions others have asked :

1. Is 3PC a kind of training program?

Its a one-of-a-kind program where clients get to have new experiences and ways to learn and discover new things without relying on training methods. Our clients say there’s none other like it in the market.

2. What are the benefits of 3PC?

It’s a way to experience new and different learnings in a way that is fun, curious and somewhat effortless, so one can have new ideas and thinking where there were none or had been ambiguous, and be able to take steps forward.

In this way, some clients have experienced somewhat unexpected results. They ‘found’ new ideas for product strategies, partnerships & investment; while some others experienced being creative in ways they never thought possible. And for others, it was something else. Each client is different, and you’ll get to decide the things we’ll be working together on.

3. Are meetings held in private, or in a group?   

There are opportunities for both. At times, you’ll experience working just 1-on-1 together with me as your coach, in a more private setting and working on what you want to have. And when 3PC members get-together in a more business-like setting, you get to learn some different ways to bring about higher possibilities and results.

4. What qualifications is needed? 

None, other than one question – are you someone who is curious and open to new ideas and different ways of doing things? If your answer is YES, then its highly likely that 3PC is a good fit where you could benefit in ways that were previously not possible.

5. Is confidentiality assured? 

We’ve worked with high-performing clients who are CEO’s, lawyers, Directors and also those who succeed family wealth & business interests. Our clients know that working together is more about themselves; their thinking and actions matter the most. All client conversations are kept confidential. You’ll never hear us discuss matters of a client, just as we’ll never discuss your matters with anyone else. In fact, our clients volunteer to give testimonials with their names & title, and that is how others get to know about us.

6. Are meetings optional? 

You always get to decide what goes on to your calendar, at all times. There may be times where it is possible to accommodate, if required, by making an adjustment to the plans for 3PC. You’ll also be receiving emails from us, with important information, prior to those dates, so you can be more prepared.

Be sure to get back to the person who invited you, and ask how to get started and be a member of 3PC.

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