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Discovering new learnings to reach higher results

 3PC  is a way to know how to get more for the ones who are curious about different ways they can achieve more. Leaders who are pioneers and want to have more success are invited to come together as peers to connect, collaborate and create new innovative ideas and learn together.

It’s also about getting more by being in a community with other business leaders of other industries to have higher vantage point and reaching higher-value outcomes.

  3PC  is about having more ways that opens doors to your higher possibilities. You get to leverage on other experts & expertise from different fields & industry in a way that saves you time and money.

The fee to join and be part of 3PC for a year is just USD $20,000, which is very reasonable for the kind of results that you’ll be able to have. And we know it is possible because we have done this before – achieving 10x results, where our clients hand’t thought it could be possible.

This fee to be in 3PC includes participating for free at one of our Salon 2021 Destination intensives. This is where 3PC will get to meet another of our communities of startup business owners – a group of vibrant, profitable company owners & founders at an exclusive weekend business retreat.

In 3PC, you’ll get to meet with a select group of business leaders whom we’ve specially invited. The fee for 3PC is one of the lowest and most affordable rates in the market, where you get to be part of such a community that is by-invitation only.

One of the unique-ness of 3PC comes from the work we do with other clients who are like yourself – a pioneer of higher success for well-established, profitable brand names of businesses. It’s were you get to experience a specially curated blend of powerful conversations that opens up more exciting new possibilities for you.

  3PC   is a community of adventurous, creative and open-minded others who want to reach higher in life.

And we’re inviting people like yourself – high performers who know what they want and operate from a place of higher possibilities to reach higher goals.

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