“I am a product of my decisions.”

—Stephen Covey

The better way to experience life is …

having clarity and the ability to choose new outcomes that serves you

… feeling the kind of courage to act on your higher goals

… experiencing the satisfaction of having higher confidence and self-worth

…. choosing the thinking and behaviours that leads to being happier and healthier

Congratulations on you!

You’ve chosen for the last few months, to move forward in greater awareness and clarity.

You’ve also discovered new ways to be involved in creating outcomes in life, and creating the kind of results that you’d like to have. It took courage and might not have been all  ‘just a walk in the park.

Congratulations on discovering some of those things that were holding you back. It took courage to make different choices that lead to your goals.

Congratulations on choosing to work on you…. by having some expert coaching that helped and made it easier to focus and move forward.

It is POSSIBLE… to live powerfully, differently and experience higher achievements

Create your best Year, and make it count.

The choices are : stop yourself from moving forward, by (again) telling yourself “its not that bad”… OR – continue to discover ways to have more new positive experiences for yourself

Others have done it… with some powerful coaching help … they learned how to create positive experiences… and live better, feel more fulfilled, be happier, more self-confident, hold higher self-worth .. Most of all, they have the answers to let go of any guilt, anger, shame or self-blame.

How this works for you… 

In expanding your vision of what is possible

You’ll be invited at each session, to engage your highest self, and discover more than ever before.

Discover new possibilities, some options and possibly even some choices that serves you. You could possibly see different and new ways of thinking and learn a clearer, more vivid and bigger vision of yourself.

Newer thoughts and ideas may show up; maybe you could uncover some old beliefs or old thinking patterns; or some habits or behaviours during the coaching.

As your coach, we’ll engage with your vision for yourself, help to uncover the plan to reach your vision; show how to identify those things that give energy; teach some of the skills needed to reach the vision and discuss possible daily new behaviours to enrich daily experiences.

As your coach, we’ll show how to hold a higher vision of yourself, have a plan to achieve it and be self-inspired to achieve it.

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This program gives you 16 Personal Coaching sessions in 9 months at just USD$14,400

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☞ Oct 16 – 18, 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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You’ll receive email notification link to schedule coaching appointments. Pick the times & dates that we’ll be meeting online, and confirm. The scheduler will email details to us both, and send reminders as it gets closer to the scheduled time.

This coaching program is best suited for high-performing individuals who likely have had some experience being in a coaching program.