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More Value and Results  

In Private

Use this time to focus on  the important things that make a difference, so you could have easier was to move forward.

In a Group

Have more ways to learn about creating supportive and inclusive leadership  with others in a group.


What is your bigger vision of yourself and the life you want to have? Do you want to know of different ways to get ‘there’? 

Power & Authority

What got you here? Will it get you ‘there’? What do you need to do differently to go higher?


What are you missing out? Are you doing more of what is in your zone of genius, and how else can you excel? 


Where do you want to be right now? What are you not seeing that makes it seem difficult?

What we do for Clients

As Consultants

Prior to offering leadership and coaching programs to clients, both  founders Ms Dephy Oon and Ms Adelena Lestari Chong had each many years (over a decade) business and Consulting experience in Technology & Human Resources, and in Corporate  Services respectively.

They provided practical and cost-effective solutions to clients for business & financial management, technology adoption as well as  HR placement and talent re-skilling. In these 10yrs and more, they’ve learned a thing or two to survive from ground-up, in business.

They have known how to create new business deals, structure win-win collaborations, manage delivery contracts, create and manage partner relationships, manage bank loans & company finances, manage staff, manage cashflow and collections, and other such business competencies. 

As a Coach

Coaching programs is one of the areas of helping our clients to increase business success and achievements.

Our clients include – Financial Industry (Bank Negara) senior analysts, Executive Directors of public listed companies, Independent Directors of public listed companies (INED’s), CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, Business Owners, Startups and many others.

Our clients choose to gain new learning experiences with us where we, as trained coaching professionals, can show them how to use the information for themselves.

What are the benefits?

We take on just a few clients a year – that we fully serve with 100% focus, attention and give it everything we’ve ever learned, by turning it into unforgettable learning experiences for them.

Here are some reasons to be our client :

  • meet or exceed financial goals (5x – 10x)
  • break-free of limited ideas of ‘self’ (money, time, qualifications, skills, etc.)
  • escape the circular thinking; let go of the cycle of diminishing results
  • increase work-life balance with even higher income
  • learn of ways to connect, communicate and collaborate
  • have different ways of expression, and get promoted to a higher senior manager level
  • … and much more.

We focus on the plain pure ‘work’ that a client needs to be doing, that helps them get results.

The best part is where our clients get some feedback from their friends and colleagues :

“I could see the changes in her…. “

“He stopped talking on and on, and started to listen”

“Teach me how you did it”

What is it like?


As professional coaches, we show clients how to get the most from our time together, and the best ways that we know, to learn. 

At times, there’ll be a smile, frown or laugh. Or a feel-good, a feel-bright, feel amazed. Maybe there are some moments of feeling dazzled, shiny and bring, or being full of surprise, wonder, amazement at yourself. Or it may your inner being is light, and it feels breezy, easy and carefree. 

Whatever it is – you’ll get to have your own experience, and as with many successful, accomplished and powerful clients that we’ve had the privilege of coaching – there’s always a unique experience waiting to be discovered by taking this path.


1. What is performance coaching?

It is the process of coaching that focuses on how you are creating results and the things that contribute to your quality of life, such as –

financial independence, decisions, self-innovation, leadership, power & authority, abilities & skills, communication, relationships

2. I'm more a follower, not leader

Everyone is a creator of their own financial and career results, regardless of the title in their business or company.

Coaching is for anyone and everyone who is ready to take more responsibility towards creating different results in their life, rather than leaving their QOL (quality of life) such as money or career to be decided by some “chance”, “luck” or “destiny”.

3. Can I get a higher-paying job?

It is always a valuable discovery to know how if you’re in the best role for your abilities, not just your skills. And what abilities you have that are favourable for the role.

There’s also other useful learnings to gain during coaching, including knowing your mindset for negotiation, how to ask for you what you want, and how to set yourself up for success by knowing your zone of genius. If you have other questions, be sure to connect with us for a quick chat about your requirements.

4. Will I get more clients?

We’ve helped our clients to know about the advantages they have, and how to use these inner abilities and skills for advantage.

Sales is often believed to be ‘hard’ but  it might be easy – as some of my clients have found out, after being aware of the inner conversation that is preventing you from getting more clients.

5. It's for the 'weak' ones

Contrary to popular belief, coaching is for the strong performers who want to keep going. 

For example, those with poor health take medicines to stop  from becoming more sick, but the people with good health take vitamins to keep it that way, and to keep going.

About Us

Over the years, we’ve worked together with many high-performing clients and those who constantly seek to have ‘more’.

Here may be some things that you want to know about us, at a glance :

Business experience : prior to Paddee Connexions, one of us owned and operated an accounting & audit consultancy for 13 yrs, and the other of us has owned and operated technology staffing and placement services for MNCs, with offices in Malaysia & China

Recognitions : past president of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Penang), Independent Director role (commodities PLC), Executive Director role (technology)

Memberships : CFA (UK), ACCA, Proctor Gallagher Institute (USA), NUS Alumni, MENSA (exp), CTAA (Complementary Therapists Accredited Assoc, UK)

Feel free to contact us for further information. Or, use the button below to set a date & time to get more info.


If we want to change our results, we must change our self-image first. The mastermind sessions has been a mind opening experience.

This program is unique, far different from all others I’ve attended

Living an abundant, rich and fulfilling life is an important topic, and they both made it easy-to-understand.”

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