on choosing new possibilities for yourself

You could still be wondering….

Is it truly possible to have more clients? Have high-paying clients? Have more money and a more rewarding career.. What’s the formula?”

IF there is a formula for success, it would be to grow logical and emotional thinking together, in tandem. BUT that is not how it works in reality. 

Here’s what it looks like to work with me :

Module 1

  • working on vision & plan; discovering personal gifts; recognising beliefs and self-talk.
  • your environment
  • energy

Module 2

  • contents & conversations; your message
  • authenticity
  • value vs price

Module 3

  • marketing strategy
  • clients
  • after-sale activity(ies)

Module 4

  • inner health – focus, energy, motivation
  • possibility thinking
  • strengths vs vulnerabilities
  • high-value packages & high-paying clients

Module 5

  • progress & measures
  • framework
  • sustained growth

Module 6

  • review
  • repeat topic(s) where required

We may take more .. or less… time any particular topic, based on the kind of strengths and knowledge that you may already have.

There may also be some new topics that we may include to fit your needs, such as – marketing tools, payment chronology & outline of accepting online payments; technological aspects of your business, etc.

The work is specifically tailored to the kind of abilities you will need so you can invite, lead and serve your clients.

For you to work exclusively with me for 9 months, and grow your coaching business and successfully serve clients, the fee is USD $16,000.

Sessions are in private 1-on-1 setting and focused on specifically what you desire to achieve and what is required in your business.

Once you have confirmed your seat, within the next 24-36 hours you’ll be receiving emails to help you get started to prepare for our sessions :

  • payment receipt
  • coaching agreement (to be initialed and returned electronically)
  • quick-start questions so we cover the important things you’ll want to have
  • any other important communications which you’ll also receive from us via email

I’m excited and look forward to being on this growth path with you. Welcome to Boss Growth program for top performing consultant, trainers and coaches!


Founder of PaddeeConnexions

Author of High-value programs and Performance Coaching for high-paying Clients