During this time that we’ll be working together, there will be opportunities to discover new learnings; perhaps some different ways to look at ‘things’, and being able to ‘see’ the ways that it could work better for you.

These are some things we could be working on :

  • the vision – who do you want to serve and why;
  • the plan – what brings you forward or slows you; what does it require to succeed;
  • the work – what is it; in what way is it valuable;
  • the inner work – how and what will you be doing
  • the resources & tools – to support your goals and your business;
  • the environment – things / people / places that support your vision;
  • … and other things that may show up. that is important to you

Each time we get together, you’ll be invited to ‘step in’ to explore what’s new or possible for you – ideas, experiences or even some thinking that have come about for you in the past and going forward.

Here’s what to expect :

At times, some new ideas and ways ahead may be uncovered that was never thought of before, and it could feel exciting and thrilling and at the same time, at times, being awkward or uncomfortable with a new ‘idea’. The thing is, you’re always in control – and choosing how far we’ll go each time.

It could take more time, if needed, to work on those areas that are important to you. The best results are by being open to experience learnings in a way that brings you closer to that which you want to have. 

Or, some other things may show up, where there are opportunities to learn one or more new skills and being more effective.

Each step of the way is about working on that which is important for you – and focusing on what you need that moves you to reach your higher possibilities and to serve more clients.

The Fee

We’ll be getting together every alternate week to do the ‘work’ on that which you are reaching for, to have. For 4 months, which is that we’ll get together for about 8 times. It’s about those things that are important to you – and having more clarity and ways to reach closer to the kind of results you want to have.

The fee for this kind of work we’ll be doing, and for the kind of results that is possible, is just USD $6,000. This is the fee to work with me as your coach, and to be doing the kind of work that my other clients have done with me as their coach, to reach higher results.

How to prepare :

One of the ways to receive the most of the time that we’ll be having together, is to be open to new ideas and learnings, and by allowing new and different things to ‘show up’. It could be something new or unfamiliar to you that could ‘show up’ or something from a past experience. Be willing to go ‘full in’ to the coaching process so you can gain the most from it.

There may be some opportunities to ‘shift’ away some old thinking and that which is slowing you down, and where it comes up during our time together, you’ll be invited to know more about it and to consider taking a way forward that works for you. Learn different ways to ‘show up’ and to have different ideas and possibilities forward.

There could be some new skills that you’ll come to know about, that may be valuable to learn, and at times, I may be able to teach and share with you. Perhaps there are some additional tools and resources and other useful information that is needed, and that will be available to you during our time together.

By working together with me as your coach, it’s that you’ll get what you need and be able to have new and different learnings in a way that is fun and somewhat effortless to reach the higher version of your best. Click here to begin.