Serve clients passionately

with your unique programs & services

It already feels crowded out there…

… and thinking about creating and selling your custom training or coaching program seems too hard.

Perhaps you’re a Trainer who plans to create custom training modules; or maybe a certified Coach wanting to create your own coaching packages; or a Consultant or motivational Speaker or Internet Marketer… and you’re wondering where to start creating a saleable package with custom program and contents.

Deep within there is a personal message you’re wanting to share with the world. And you’re likely to be someone who also feels passionately about helping others to grow.

… and you’ve not figured out a way to put yourself ‘out there‘ with your own program and materials because you’re having to create it. And you may be wondering – HOW?

It drains energy from you just by thinking about it. 

“How do I start?”

… is the question most people ask.

But the answer amounts to less than HALF of the conviction required to act on it. Just knowing How To create a custom learning or coaching program for clients is not enough because most never get to complete doing it.

But perhaps unlike others ….. You have some idea of what you want and ready to move forward. Maybe you’ve resisted in the past, but you want to change that now.

What you’re thinking is to get some help to get moving.

“Working with Adelena has been outrageously rewarding and life-changing. She has guided me through our sessions with wisdom and a clear sense of direction and has created a personal structure for me to clearly find my vision and work it”

Liz Addison

Composer Songwriter

What does it feel like…

to have clients say they love their life .. the one You’ve helped them to create?

If being more successful, working with high-paying clients and selling high-fee packages is what you desire to have, then this might be right for you.

My clients are people who have achieved some success and are consistently challenging themselves to face their unknowns. Perhaps like you, they too recognise the highest possibility from within and chose to work on increasing their own abilities.

Here are some things I know about having more success, working with high-paying clients and selling high-fee packages :

☞ Bring your natural gifts and talents and uniquely style your work

☞ Apply knowledge and experience to deeply and profoundly make a difference to others

☞ Show how to live on the edge where life can be extremely rewarding

☞ Stretch old boundaries and reach for newer and higher possibilities

Exercise mind-sight and own the results you want to have;

☞ Act on personal truth and create your personal reality that both inspires and rewards you

And the thing is that…. most ‘think‘ they are already doing what it takes. But its not happening – no clients or low-paying clients and lots of ‘free trials’ that just don’t add up to a sale.

Here are some things my clients have discovered by working with me :

Its a summary – a brief list of valuable awareness gained, that clients say has helped to up-level their business.

☞ if you just SELL them, you’ll have a sale. if you know how to LEAD them, you’ve gained a customer.

☞ your self worth is the amount that your clients will consistently pay for the work that you do.

☞ if everyone seems to be selling the same thing(s), then its about learning to differentiate.

☞ know who your clients are so you can tailor your marketing methods and plan

most people sell low, and try to sell to ANYONE – its not feasible for the long term

☞ discerning customers are also high-paying customers; be distinguishable from others

☞ be ready to experience powerful coaching so you can give customers a powerful coaching experience.

Your business can be open to receiving greater success only when you’ve made the choice to receive greater inner growth.

What we’ll be doing :

To work on the important lessons centred around your Vision, your Plan and the kind of Strategy that fits your specific skills and brings the results you want to have..

You’ll receive – at different times – information, learnings or instructions. At other times, you could be experiencing renewed thinking, focused energy and emergence of new possibilities, … or possibly have powerful life-changing insights.

  • strengths vs vulnerabilities
  • paradigms vs possibilities
  • frameworks vs formulas
  • intelligence vs intuition
  • value creation vs repetition
  • personal truths vs common truths

You’ll be discovering new and better ways to show-up powerfully, so you can improve your results.

It may feel slightly uncomfortable or uneasy, and yet…  you feel excited, challenged and motivated to do better. You see yourself being more successful with just a little help – because you are willing to do the work.

It may already feel like this could be a good fit if we are to work together. And you want to have a chat to learn more.

With my clients, as a Performance Coach and not a social coach, I value the time and efforts that we’ll both invest in this. I’ll be sharing things that you need to hear, not necessarily those things you may like to hear.

We’ll use a coaching schedule that works for us both to ‘meet’ and learn.

During this time, we’ll explore and discover possibilities that may have never shown up before and become aware of powerful positive emotions that helps you achieve the desired success.

If this gets you excited, stimulated and gets you wondering what else is possible, and feeling inspired to higher achievements…. ☞ click here to schedule a chat and find out about how this could work for you.