Is there a better way forward?

Services professionals such as Coaches, Trainers, Therapists are continuously educating themselves and learning, and invest time and money so they can better serve others. Yet some are not having a good income from their business; and have fewer than desired number of clients or some other reasons.

There are just a small number of coaches and trainers who know what it takes to have a profitable and successful, while most others are ‘playing small’ and scaling down their lifestyle so they can continue investing in the business. And it feels more and more like it could be too challenging, and more difficult than they first imagined it would be.

And if building a profitable practise and being more successful is what you want to have, then you may be thinking – how to get started, to market and enrol more clients?

How does it work?

The thing is – there are ways to build a profitable practice – and some of my clients have discovered how to have more clients and a profitable practice that pays them to be more successful. They discovered that which truly works for them – having some different learnings, or one or more insights, and even seeing new possibilities for themselves.

For my clients, it was that they gained more than initially thought possible – by being open to learnings – and have new ways that are fun and interesting to have sales conversations and enrol clients. And experience having more income than ever before.

They are consistently challenging themselves to face their unknowns. And perhaps, similar to them, you are someone who recognises there may be a higher ‘best’ that you can reach, and you want to know how to ‘get there’.

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What some clients are saying….

Adelena guided me through a journey of self discovery and I have now ventured into the business of transformational coaching and am simply loving it. And I also gained some business structures to start! I came away feeling rejuvenated, inspired and also armed with tools to start making tracks in my coaching business.

Bhavani Manickam

Head of Legal, Oil & Gas Co, MALAYSIA September, 2018

I contacted Adelena at a point when I was feeling concerned about how to scale up my new coaching business. Adelena helped me realise that not only is it possible for me to do this, but also showed me the tools. We worked on a range of topics such as creating a new identity as a small business-owner to the structure and contracting of sessions. Adelena challenged my thinking and helped me break down self-limiting beliefs that held me back, giving me the courage to re-visit my approach to my business. Thank you, Adelena, for all your support at a time when I really needed it!”

Rinkoo Ramchandani

Managing Director, Unlocked Ltd, HONG KONG, Oct 2020

Adelena coached me after I already paid thousands of dollars to other coaches to help me get more clarity on the direction of my business. In three sessions we mapped out my ideal client, offers and pricing by connecting with my passion and uncovering my message.

She listens and takes the time to really get to the core and then helps you translate everything into a business model that works for you. We had empowering and inspiring sessions. Highly recommended!

Monique Daal

Business Mentor | Author | Expert Pedagogical, NETHERLANDS November, 2018

Benefits others have discovered :

Here are just some of the things, that by working together with me to discover more, that my clients have benefited and could also be of some benefit to you :

☞ know different ways to enrol clients

☞ learn some new business skills

☞ get some new ideas to coach

achieve higher outcomes

☞ use what works better for them

☞ have a bigger vision of what is possible for them

☞ reach a higher ‘best’ than previous

These are just some of the things that my clients have learned and they benefited, and have reached forward to have the kind of results they want to have.

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How working together could be like :

During this time that we have together, there will be some opportunities to know more of the Vision of your business, the Plan for how to get there, and some strategies that takes you to reach there, and the kind of skills that brings you the results you want to have.

At different times as we are working together, you could be receiving new information, some learnings or even some instructions that help you with to take new action forward. There are opportunities to experience having renewed thinking, and feeling more focused energy and being aware of new possibilities that come up for you.

You’ll be able to know new and better ways to show-up powerfully, that helps you reach forward to create newer and higher results.

With my clients, as a high-performance Coach and not a social coach, I value the time and efforts that we’ll both invest in this. I’ll be sharing things that you need to hear, not necessarily those things you may like to hear.

We’ll use a coaching schedule that works for us both to ‘meet’ and learn.

During this time, we’ll explore and discover possibilities that may have never shown up before and become aware of powerful positive emotions that helps you achieve the desired success.

If this gets you excited, stimulated and gets you wondering what else is possible, and feeling inspired to higher achievements…. ☞ click here for some next steps and find out about how this could work for you.