are constantly seeking better ways to improve the results

“ Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. ”

~ Publilius Syrus

Leadership traits are highly desired and organisations today are paying big bucks to develop future leaders from their talent pool.

You may have heard that “ A leader may be a manager, but a manager is not necessarily a leader. ”

So what makes leaders different, how is it different, and who can be a leader?

The answer may be described simplest by saying…. Leaders are those who others want to follow and get in-step with. Its those whose personality and character with others seems effortless, natural and genuine, and are able to win hearts and minds.

The past achievements may give you a headstart over others…

These possibly could include…

  • having delivered on tough and pressurizing timelines;
  • offering flexible approaches to problem-solving;
  • showing effective management of talent resources;
  • being efficient in coordinating between different groups and teams;
  • managing others to produce desirable results;
  • …. or any other ways that you’ve contributed to the well-being of the organisation;
And you want more, and you’re ready for more.

A Leader is also a Master of these traits…

  • high sense of self-awareness
  • responding appropriately in very varied situations;
  • communicates easily AND effectively;
  • holds own sense of authority that commands confidence;
  • bringing diversity and differences together;
  • effortlessly inspires others towards achievement;
  • naturally respected and admired by others;
  • high self-worth and self-confidence;
  • attentive to relationships and is constantly networking UPwards
And more….

Are you ready to discover your unique skills and be recognised as the kind of leader you want to be?

Let us discover your next path together…

Essential Skills for Leaders who want to UpLevel Achievements


Corporate and Individual Programs
tailored to fit your Leadership Personality


You won’t find two persons who are exactly alike.

This leadership program is tailored and the modules are customised to fit you – by focusing on areas that you WANT to develop.


Master the Essential Skills

In this program, the modules can be expanded or reduced to fit your personality and tailored to your personal experiences and abilities.

You’ll design the kind of outcomes you want to have and the program will support you towards achieving your goals. And we’ll work together to design the modules to fit your needs and also discuss different scenarios that you may need some help with.

The Personal Connection

You’ll gain confidence of people you want to lead and impact others using words and techniques that can powerfully convey your vision and your ideas.

Impressive Presentations

Impress clients in a 1-on-1 meeting or in a boardroom presentation and have them feeling that you are delivering exactly what they want!

Success Awareness

You’ll discover new ideas and beliefs that work for you and some old ideas or beliefs that are slowing you down and stopping you from reaching your success.

Signature Leadership

Get the clarity to recognise and appreciate your unique talents and abilities and learn how you can use your gifts and be a more authentic leader.

Leading with Vision

You’ll know how inspire others towards a common vision and create meaningful goals and measurable goals and plan that gets everyone to achieve it.

Intuitive Awareness

You’ll learn ways to develop intuition and gain insights, and be guided instinctively to help you overcome indecision, confusion and increase clarity of decision making.


In the Corporate Leadership Program

  • Skills assessment & objective setting
  • 6-12 group contact classroom learning sessions
  • individual contact coaching & mentoring sessions
  • scheduled reviews and feedback

What You Get in a
1-to-1 Leadership Program

  • you can choose to be privately coached and mentored in a 3 days Fast Start, OR
  • you can choose to to work with me 1x per week for 90mins for 3, 6 or 12 mths, and
  • you’ll get recordings of all contact sessions and never miss out on any learning
  • plus… you’ll have a personal Leader Journal e-manuscript of your self-development journey;

This is the Opportunity for you to:

Get introspective and get Inside your own thinking and recognising where you can do better;

Identifying and taking steps to eliminate thinking barriers to your own growth;

Get clear about yourself, and getting genuine and honest feedback from an independent party who gives you what you NEED to hear so you can move forward with positive improvement;

Develop new skills for Influencer and to lead others;

Developing truly powerful communication skills; and eliminating any risks to your career or busininess

What to do NEXT:


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just continue with life as usual.

There will be questions but no answers, possibilities but no decisions, the daily stressful grind but no direction. Meanwhile some others like me and my clients and also so many people around the world have already made the decision to move forward.

You’ve come to this point and hit a plateau …. and with some professional coaching to help lift you across, you can go so much farther. What you think and what you know has got you to reach this point in life; but it won’t take you much further.

As things change, we too, have to change.

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