I acknowledge you…

on taking firm steps to move forward in life.

This program is for YOU … helping you to uncover one or more new ways that brings you to reach your higher goals.

B.O.S.S. means “Business Owner Super Sessions”

Know how you can show-up more powerfully in your life. Determine what is truly possible for you. This program is for someone who wants to live in their highest potential.

There could be some opportunities to discover a few things that might be holding you back – and learn some new ways to reach your vision and have a new action plan to achieve your higher goals.

You may also uncover new things about yourself; or perhaps even gain a new skill or two about how to shift away old thoughts and create new thoughts that bring you towards your goals. Perhaps there may be some new insights about yourself, business or career that changes the way that you’re piloting your life – and to stop playing small.

Ways to have the most gains possible at this Coaching intensive…  

➜ Participate fully, stop at nothing and be unafraid of what ‘others might think’

➜ Show-up – be authentic, real and genuine with yourself

➜ Explore the possibilities that come up while being unattached to the results

➜ Connect with yourself.. being unique is a given, to uncover your unique talents and gifts

➜ Take personal time to reflect and benefit from the learnings gained

This time together could enable one or even several big leap(s) forward, and seeing and making choices to step forward.

There’s a saying – that one cannot see ourselves by operating from within ourselves. Through this program, you’ll learn how to examine new possibilities and choose different ways that move you forward.

BOSS LIFE fits to You, and gives opportunities where you get to discover more ways to move ahead.

+ Focus on the important things that are relevant to your desired and present goals

+ AND… acquire some new skills to create new thinking and actions that leads to more success

Its tailored – with 1-on-1 personal coaching you’ll get to learn about your unique abilities and developing it

Its private – its time dedicated to your growth of abilities by exploring within

Its forward-moving – there’ll be new discoveries and learnings that give advantage for reaching higher goals

You get to experience the 1Day Intensive, in a private setting, and to work with me as your Coach, at just USD $2,500.

P/s: This is a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE for BOSS Life and it may be available only for the next few months; your prompt decision will save yourself time and money.

What is next… 

Upon completing the signup process, you’ll be receiving, in your email, the Welcome Pack. This helps you get organised and to know how it works to obtain the best results from working with me on this intensive.

You’ll also receive information on …

+ Creating your coaching plan by selecting the date ahead for the intensive;

+ Some early questions in templates to get clarity in preparation for the session;

+ Link to have a follow-up call in one month after the last session

At all times, you are completely in control – what or how far or how much we’ll explore and discover together.

BOSS Life is a discovery program. It gives new ways to learn about possible ‘shortcuts’ and to have new abilities to reach higher goals, faster.

SIGNUP NOW to experience the 1Day Intensive and to work with me at the price of just USD $2,500

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Founder & Consultant

I’ll help YOU so you can UpLevel your personal and business strategies in a way that brings more MONEY and SUCCESS


Founder & Coach

I’ll be working together with YOU and help you to transition quickly AND profitably to reach your highest possibilities.