I acknowledge you…

on taking firm steps to move forward.


B.O.S.S. means “Business Owner Super Sessions”

In these 3 months, we will be working together, and taking this time for you – so you can discover new things and ideas.. that helps you reach forward.

In this time, there’ll also be opportunities to know how to choose thinking and action to successfully breakthrough old beliefs and to move forward confidently.

What you’ll be getting in this program ….

Its tailored – with 1-on-1 personal coaching you’ll get to learn about your unique abilities and developing it

Its private – its time dedicated to your growth of abilities by exploring within

Its forward-moving – there’ll be new discoveries and learnings that give advantage for reaching higher goals


There’s a saying – “One cannot see ourselves by looking from the outside”.

IN this time that we’ll be working together, you’ll have opportunity to examine different possibilities and to choose new ways forward that works for you.

Ever tried to fit into over-sized clothes, or wear oversized shoes?
It’s would feel uncomfortable and awkward.


And this is why it is imperative that the work both you and I are doing, and investing time and effort in, is something that is 100% a FIT for you.

+ Focus on the important things that are relevant to your desired and present goals

+ AND … get 3 months with 3 personal 1-on-1 Coaching sessions that gives you clarity to see and reach higher achievements

+ AND… acquire skills to create new thinking and actions that leads to more success


The fee for this program is just USD $4,800.

Step forward with clarity, confidence and new abilities and some of the tools that helps you to reach your highest potential.

Here’s what will happen next…

Upon completing the signup process, you’ll receive a Welcome Pack in your email. The information in the pack will help you get organised and to know how to obtain the best results on this program..


You’ll also receive information on …

+ Creating your coaching plan and selecting your coaching dates in advance;

+ Some early questions in templates to get clarity for the session;

+ Link to have a follow-up call in one month after the last session

At all times, you are completely in control – what or how far or how much we’ll explore and discover together.

BOSS Life is a self-discovery and personal development program. It gives new ways to learn and to discover and to have the kind of learnings and abilities to reach higher goals, faster.

SIGNUP NOW to experience BOSS Life coaching and to work with me in private, at the price of just USD $4,800

Coaches you could be working with…


Founder & Consultant

I’ll help YOU to UpLevel your personal and business strategies in the way that brings you more MONEY and SUCCESS


Founder & Coach

I’ll be working together with YOU and help you to transition quickly AND profitably to be a successful Business Owner.