What is the ‘next big thing’ for you ?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that lately, life feels like its stuck in ‘standstill traffic’. Days and weeks look and feel the same, and you feel unprepared for sudden changes in life.

And some others that you know are now ahead of you.

Being in the ‘comfort zone’ for so long, it feels that there have been some missed opportunities and choices to reach what is truly possible for you.

Perhaps there’s a ‘wake-up’ call for you to discover better ways to move forward.

Ways to reach higher

Some are ‘afraid’ to move out of the comfort zone.

But high performers know that living in the comfort zone is too much risk – by being financially susceptible, vulnerable and unprepared for sudden changes and shifts in life.

Those who are high-performers, as some of my clients are, choose to ‘live’ outside of their comfort zone – and have different and new learnings to move ahead.

What could it be like?

Here just some of the things my clients have gained by working with us.

a new reality – getting that promotion, or higher income, that you’ve always wanted;

feel effortless – being less busy and more productive at the same time;

awareness & insights – ‘operate’ at a higher level of business results;

higher confidence – asking for what matters to you;

natural leadership – inspiring trust with others;

positive parenting – recognising new possibilities in parenting;

.. and more.

Perhaps these, or something similar, are also the kind of experiences that you want to be having.

Some of these may be the kind of results that you could gain from choosing to operate outside of your comfort zone. We’ve created a process that works for our clients, having done this work with numerous clients over the years, and know this works in helping clients move forward.

What clients are saying…

“This has really helped me”
“I decided to join because I was a little directionless in my career, and a bit disorganised in taking charge of my personal life. And in this program, I learnt to be accountable and learning to influence people in a positive direction.

I recommend Adelena to anyone who is looking to have positive mindset change for the better and creating a well balanced life professionally and personally. This has really helped me.

Liyana Ahmad Zaini

Owner, AZO Group Sdn Bhd, MALAYSIA, March, 2020

“WOW moments”
Adelena created a very safe and pleasant environment which allows me to explore deep within me to find MY love. There were “wow” moments for things which I never have thought about before and applying some tools and tips were awesome! A great journey indeed and highly recommended!

Zulaifah Abdul Ghani

Advocate of change | Head of Finance, , Regional Centre of Excellence SINGAPORE, September, 2019

How it Feels

Expanding the vision of what could be possible for you

Each session is an invitation for you to engage with yourself within, and to discover more.

There’ll be opportunities where you could discover some possibilities, new options that open up, and knowing how to be making more of that which is available to you. Together, in the coaching process, we’ll show you some ways to have clearer and more vivid and bigger vision of yourself.

New thoughts and ideas may show up; there could also be discoveries about old beliefs or old thinking patterns; or some habits or behaviours that become noticeable during the process of coaching.

The Coaching Process

Being in the coaching process with me, there will be opportunities to discuss some things that you want to have, and also what you ‘think’ you want to have. We’ll experience this process together, to open new possibilities that could be for you.

There are no ‘fixed’ formulas to how each of my clients in the past have experienced coaching with me. Clients work on the areas that they want to have some clarity and focus, and where they may be wanting to discover new ways of doing things.

As a client, you are always in control, and you get to decide how far and how much we will explore each time. Using the years of professional experiences that I’ve gained, and having worked with numerous clients like yourself, as a coach, there could be some things that I’ll be able to ‘show’ that have worked in the past or some things that may require updating.

The best results are by being willing to be ‘in’ the coaching process, and open to new ideas and discoveries. This could be at the beginning, and at times, is learned by being in the process.

As your coach, we’ll engage with your vision for yourself, help to uncover the plan to reach your vision; show how to identify those things that give energy; teach some of the skills needed to reach the vision and discuss possible daily new behaviours to enrich daily experiences.

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Next Steps

BOSS Life gives you time together in 1-on-1 format, and each time we meet we’ll be working on those things that are most important to you.

We get to meet and do this work together once each month, for 3 months. Each time that we get together may be for 2 hours, 3 or even 4 hours; as long as takes. You get to decide how far or how much we get to explore because you are always in control.

You’ll get to learn and discover things in a way that is different, and is unlike any other learning program out there. There will be opportunities for you to gain personal insights and discoveries that makes it effortless to reach forward.

If this way of learning is something that interests or excites you, then possibly you’d want to reach out and find out more.

If you’re a highly proactive achiever and have some significant goals and a higher place in life that you’ll want to be, then this coaching program is likely the right fit for you.
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