On the day that we took this interview, it was a gorgeous day in Cannes with all the equally beautiful women!

We are so blessed to have Savitha with us all the way from Bangalore, India! Listen to her take on the topic of narcissism and narcissistic parenting/behaviour…

#1 The biggest impact and effect of narcissistic parenting to women is CONFIDENCE. You may constantly think WHY you can’t do something instead of HOW you can do it.

#2 Confidence is important either in the workplace or in business for you to grow in success. And if you don’t have confidence, you will listen to anything people will tell you to do and then you play up to your fears and you work from a place of fear.

#3 The biggest thing usually with us women is there is a lot of GUILT about putting ourselves first and investing in ourselves. We always are the last person. The result is, you can’t or don’t express yourself and are afraid to ask for that investment for yourself.

#4 The truth is, YOU don’t have to ask to invest in yourself. You just go confidently. What do you need to go to the next level?…

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