Great talk with Michelle Ten Klooster-Boyce, a mom of four, sensuality coach and owner/chiropractor in her own business. Michelle helps women to feel empowered with their own sensuality and relationships. These are our major takeaways from the interview…

“Women can be so afraid to do anything because they think they’re not good enough.”

#1 Sometimes, one doesn’t recognise herself as having faced narcissistic personalities who may be their parents, and how that turns up for them later on in life.

#2 So, how would you be cautious of the fact that you might be a victim of narcissistic parenting when you were a child? Perhaps today you are not happy because you haven’t healed what’s inside of you as a person.

#3 Basically, it all comes down to: as a child, you were taught that maybe you weren’t good enough. You need to be quiet, or you need to be a good girl. And it could come in so many forms like you can really be high achiever wanting to earn great salaries, and still, you’re not enough.

#4 For example, maybe it’s your mom’s dream. Maybe she wanted you to work on things, to have the things she didn’t have–and it wasn’t her fault. Maybe she missed out–we’re in a completely different generation now.

#5 But maybe those dreams and ideas aren’t yours and they’re really stopping you from being happy and achieving what you really want.

#6 Women may not sometimes know their own power. You may have all these insecurities and thoughts. You have a family, husband, the kids. On paper, it looks like perfect. But inside you feel like there’s something missing. Then there’s this feeling that “I’m not doing enough, it’s not enough.” “I should feel connected but I’m not.”

#7 Bottomline, are you really living the life that you really want? Or is it somebody else’s? And you still trying to achieve what their goals are and not connected to your own? Sometimes you have to look at that.

#8 You may feel numb now but you have to learn to love your body and your mind. Explore sensitivity and love yourself. If you’re blocked, be open.

#9 Recognise the fact that you may be adopting a lot of ideas, beliefs, and living someone else’s life like your parents when you were younger. You will never be good enough if you are living someone else’s dream.

Transitioning from a Full-time Job into to a Fulfilling Business:

  1. Embrace the fear. Embrace your femininity.
  2. If you want to do meaningful work and something is holding you back, stop thinking with the head and start listening to your heart.
  3. Ask the question, “What do I need to know?” Journal on it. Peel back the layers.

How about you? What’s your opinion about this?

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