We had the biggest opportunity to meet AND interview this amazing lady, Darieth Chisolm — an Emmy award winner and producer of her own documentary 50 Shades Of Silence!

We were inspired by one key learning – making the decision. “It doesn’t get better pretending that narcissism doesn’t exist just to keep ‘status quo’.”

#1 There are real issues that you are facing with leaders who exhibit narcissistic-like behaviours… You may face the challenge of “Do I say it?” or “Do I call it out?”

#2 If you have been in a situation where you had some form of abuse, mental or emotional at a younger age, it impacts who they are today.

#3 A very distinct example whereby you are able to correlate who you are today with that personality imposed on you is that you end up doing the same thing.

#4 If you are suffering the same and you need to get it out or get out of what is causing you the pain, then you need to MAKE a FIRM DECISION.

#5 But if you can’t make the decision because you are afraid of what’s going to happen, then it’s about time to seek for help and guidance.

“There’s a lot of work in your belief system. Just take a decision on who you want to be and what you want to do.”

Did you learn from the interview? What are your top takeaways? Comment your reactions below!

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