Listen to what Rosanne Austin, fertility mindset coach, has to say with her in-depth and honest take on narcissistic parenting/personalities.

“The topic of narcissistic parenting can be frightening but it is one that is invaluable.”

#1 Adult-imposed behaviour on children – in the context of this topic, people need to be aware of how this will be playing out in their own lives and to begin to explore what you think of your own behaviour.

#2 “How much of that is a program that I was raised with and how much of what I’m doing, thinking, or saying is my unique expression of self?”Taking that and making a distinction is a very important thing.

#3 Self-introspection all starts with awareness. Some people don’t even ask what we consider very basic questions. When you’re beginning to develop yourself and explore the topic, it sounds very elementary to us, but it’s not. It’s a process that we take for granted.

#4 It starts with being willing—start asking questions about our own patterns. For example in a work environment, you might ask “Why did I just say NO to this client or Why did I say YES to work with this client?”

Or in a personal environment “Why did I say YES to this meal?” because for some people in a very basic level, they will just eat whatever is put in front of them rather than taking a moment to think, “Do I really want this?”

#5 E.g. in terms of money and behaviours toward money and how we spend it — Models that don’t work with entrepreneurs in relation to how parents might have imposed money habits as opposed to what it needs to be for YOU as an entrepreneur.

#6 For instance, lack and scarcity. Ideas such as “Money is hard to make,” “It’s not available,” or “Nobody will spend it,” “It’s too expensive.”As an entrepreneur, this will burden your business if you carry this notion that is not even yours. You might even end up to be the lowest charging in the market.

#7 You can be the smartest person in the world who has all the business education but if your internal programming is lack and scarcity — your business will not likely grow.

#8 Self introspection begins with asking how money makes you feel. Are you excited about it? Do you feel shameful about it? Do you feel like “I have to hold on to it because it’s going to go away.”

#9 In reality, how honest do you need to be in order to transform your life? How far does self-introspectiontion go? You have to do the assessment like your life depends on it. You have to be willing to shake everything up. If you don’t like the answers, that is a violent indicator of the things that need to change.

#10 Personal transformation is all about getting out of your comfort zone. If you’re not afraid, you’re not alive.

#11 If you’re in a place where you’re saying, “I’m so afraid I may not get out of it,” that’s where you acknowledge the fear and seek help.

#12 You have one life to live, you don’t deny it. Reach out to someone who can dislodge the fear out of you. Moving out of fear entirely on your own is ridiculous. Reach out to mentorship and coaching to help you move past that…

Reach out to us if you feel the same because this is something we can help you with and guide you through by overcoming the fear and reclaiming your life.

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