KEY IDEAS we learned from life & career success coach Maxine Nwaneri. Hear her incredible story in this short interview!

#1 It’s important to recognise that in the past we might have had some adult-imposed behaviours on us, belief systems that might not be right

#2 If you don’t break through from the narcissistic parenting, you will never live the life you’re meant to live. You will go through life frustrated.

#3 Until you do the very important work of peeling the layers to understand what’s been done, the life that will fulfill you, the happiness, and the pursuit of happiness, will never be yours.

#4 Listen to your INTUITION–If you hear a voice within saying this is not who you are meant to be, and that you are meant for so much more. Take a courageous step of walking out of that situation.

#5 Get SUPPORT. You have to train yourself and level up your skills and look for those who already have it and learn from them.

#6 Constantly look for help. Be TEACHABLE. Be coachable. And have a vision.

#7 If you have past negative experiences, or you have been treated differently or unfair, you cannot let these rule your life. Not your parents, not anybody can define your destiny unless you give them that permission!

#8 Sometimes you will ask “Do I confront” or Do I step back?” If you want to confront and nervous about that, then you need a hand to guide you.

#9 Look within yourself. What is your inner truth? Look for it and go create that out there with help. It might terrify you and you might say “How am I going to do this when nobody’s going to support me?”

Don’t worry about that. You just need to think about the next step. You just decide and get guidance.

#10 Don’t get help from those people who are around you all the time because they have been there all your life. You need something different now.

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