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How Do You Know If You Need Coaching Help?

Here are some goals that our clients want to get help in  : 
#1 – Ways to showcase his / her potential at work
#2 – Ways for more inclusive leadership
#3 – Be more intuitive to improve interview & hiring
#4 – More work-life balance with higher business revenue
#5 – More sales and more clients with perceptive conversations

Our clients learned how to get more of what they want, while still enjoying the kind of comforts that they’re used to, by learning some ways to do some inner ‘work’ to develop their potential.

Send a message and let’s have a no-obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.

Value for Money

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Clients get quality coaching time to do some inner work with us as their Coach. As Professionals, we’re not only certified, but also are experienced coaches, business owners and consultants, and we help clients to have the learning experience for achieving higher results through coaching.

Private & Confidential

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The information shared with us as your coach, is confidential between client and us, and privacy is guaranteed. By choosing to be coached by us, you’ll be able to experience new and different ways to improve your success.

Being Coachable

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Being Coachable means to adopt a mindset of being curious and of wanting to know different ways that could elevate your possibilities. It also means that one is taking the approach that there must be some other better ways that are easier, faster or smarter, and to want to find out and learn more.


This is a 1-on-1 coaching experience and works for clients who want more speed and more focus to get one or two things ‘out of the way’ for them, so they can continue to forward at a quicker pace.


Sofea Circle

It’s for a few close-knit in a community who want to reach goals together. It may be a group of colleagues, members of a team, a few close friends or some family members.


Destination Intensive

Each year, we invite clients to join us for 3Days of Coaching Deep Dive at a beautiful location somewhere around the world, to have new learning experiences and be coached in a group


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