Discovering new ways to reach your higher ‘best’.

A group of friends learning and growing together

There may have been some experiences that you share with some others in the group, and you recognise that at times, its the challenges that bring people closer together.

In this group, you get to meet some others who want to have more valuable experiences and to reach even higher results..

As a group, you’ll have new ways and experiences, and discover different things and learnings in a way that is different from any others you’ve experienced before.


Being part of this community means..

  • It’s to have new and different ways to grow.
  • It’s about having ways to reach a higher ‘best’ than ever before.
  • It’s about being more valuable together.
  • It’s about discovering new knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • It’s about experiencing both the inner growth AND outer growth;
  • It’s about ways to choose newer outcomes in life
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    Your Discovery and Learning Leads

    During this time together with us as your program lead, there will be ways in which we'll discover those things that are truly important to you.

    There is nothing else like it out there in the marketplace, for the kind of work that we do. We serve our clients by bringing them to discover what is truly possible for them.

    Our Experience

    In the 10 years of working with numerous high-performing clients of different interests and abilities, some of whom are CEOs, Directors of public listed companies, sales and management professionals, we've continued to serve our clients having ways that clients can discover and learn about ways that brings them to a higher 'best'.

    And by serving our clients to experience learnings in new and different ways, our clients experienced having somewhat 'unexpected' results that they could never have imagined was possible, like having 10x of employment income after a short 4months in business; to sign-on 4x new clients in just 4 months after years in corporate; having ways to engage better parenting;.... and many other similar outcomes.

    The kind of learnings we’ll have together….

    During this time, you’ll be invited to learn different ways to create  – and be exposed to different ways of thinking and seeing things, and approaches to create. 

    In these 4 months, we’ll be meeting fortnightly – at times, as a group. There are also times when you’ll be 1-to-1 with a group leads, and learning ways to reach deeper within for ‘more’. 

    What we’ll do as a group, and through the help of your leads, is for you to learn meaningful ways to reach a higher ‘best’.

    Ready to be part of this friendly and supportive mastermind group?

    The Fees & Other Information

    It’s an experience of learnings and somewhat of an ‘adventure’. We’ll have group get-togethers and also individual learnings 1-on-1.

    During this time, you’ll be able to discover ‘what else’ there is out there, for you. And you’ll be able to have new ways, ideas and thinking to reach that which you want to have.

    The fee is USD4,800 to be part of this new and exciting way to learn and grow. This fee is reasonable, compared to the kind of results that you could achieve.

    Our clients have said its ‘cheap’, considering the kind of results that they have had, and that they are fully in-control of newer methods to use and steer themselves to a higher ‘best’.

    Upon registering and confirming your participation…

    You’ll receive some packets of information via email, for you to respond by sending back the email with completed information to us at the earliest possible.

    Be sure to have sufficient rest, and healthy food and sufficient amounts of water the day before, so you’ll be able to make the best of each get-together for yourself.

    Get-together in a small circle of close friends and have different ways to learn and grow together. Use the button below to pay and complete your registration.