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It’s made to fit

DISCOVERY is a tailored approach that is unique and different, and which is more specific to the individual and the needs of each one of our clients. Its a modern and unique approach that is individualised and personal, and takes no short-cuts.

With our clients, its that we know that information must be delivered in ways that connects uniquely to each person in a way that works for them.

And this is why it is imperative that the work both you and I are doing, and investing time and effort in, is something that is 100% a FIT for you.

The fee for be in the ‘Discovery’ and working together for 3 months is

USD 4,800

Purchase Policy
We use Paypal for safety and convenience of client transactions.

** Season intake for the Discovery Program is Jan – Mar at USD3,200. Use this LINK to pay. **


In this time, there will be a focus on the kind of ‘things’ and the ways to do ‘things’ that brings a client to reach the higher vision.

There could be times when it seems like there is a ‘feeling’ of having ‘nothing’ to talk about, that could turn up as one of the most valuable and fascinating conversations a client has ever had. Or perhaps it is that feeling ‘vague’ could show up as an exciting experience of adventure and new discoveries.

By doing the some of this work together and being on Discovery, we show our clients some easier and better ways to reach forward.

Maximum Benefit

The thing to know is – that there’s no upper limit to what one can ‘get’ by being on a Discovery. It’s doesn’t ‘run out’ by getting a promotion, a client, starting a business, make a million dollars. In fact, the benefits will 2x, 3x even 10x and more (yes, this has happened) each time it is ‘used’.

These are some ways to be in the position to receive the most benefit from our time together.

  • get enough rest before
  • stay hydrated throughout
  • stay curious
  • ask questions
  • be all-in

On the calendar

The time that we will be doing this work together is every fortnightly, for up to 3 months, and each time could be for up to 2 hours. Or it could be as long as it takes, to get to where you need to be.

In this time, we could get-together in-person or over a video call, at a time that works on both our schedules. Confirm the schedule, by adding dates and times for us to work together at a regular fortnightly interval.