‘LESS means MORE

A Group Intensive Coaching Excursion

How this works

This Intensive works best for a small group of inspired people who desire more in life – and want to get to their next level.

Get started by creating a community of progressive-minded others that you like to be around – and who want to be around like-minded others like yourself more often.

Your own progressive community may include some of the more successful and achievement-oriented friends; perhaps its some of your business partners or maybe its those with whom you share a certain vision of the future.

Create the kind of success that you want to have and be around those who want to have it with.

Fees to Participate

It’s USD650 to participate in the program. In local currency Ringgit Malaysia, the amount to pay is RM2,650.

For details on how to make a payment, please contact us by completing the form below to register your group interest.

Register Interest

Complete the information below to inform us of some possible dates for your community to experience this Intensive.

Fill in and send us the form below.

And we’ll be able to – update you based on dates you’ve identified, provide next steps to register your participants and enroll your community, and answer any other queries.

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