9 Days, 9 Hours – to discover different ideas and new thinking, by learning together as a group.

SIX must-have Business Mindset and Skills for Entrepreneurs

The way this works, is by using some new ways to explore and have new ideas and ways as an entrepreneur.

Most similar offerings out there aim to provide information. But there’s only a that are designed with the aim to create transformation.

There are opportunities to learn from the experiences of others; while at times it is to know of some common practices and ways that have worked in business, sales & marketing, finance, and partnering.

The Difference

Most programs out there focus on providing info. But this is different.

It’s that there are ways to work on the things that truly matter.

It’s to also have learnings of ways to be aware of thinking that stops or slows down. The way to gain the most is by taking the opportunity, where invited, to participate.

This program is about having ways to explore and discover more by learning new ways to think and ‘see’ things differently. It’s about discovering different and new ways to have a step forward.

What our clients say…

We worked on a range of topics such as creating a new identity as a small business-owner to the structure and contracting of sessions

I decided to join because I was a little directionless in my career, and a bit disorganised in taking charge of my personal life

With a complete session of the first entrepreneur coaching program, I have grown a lot from where I was 3 months ago, and currently, with just 1 session in the 6-figure business program, I’m all geared up for more achievements in my businesses.

Program Outline

We’ll be working together on SIX (6) most significant areas that are important for any entrepreneur and business owner. Each of these will be discussed in detail, and have clarity and to know what will work for you.

During this time of learning together, there are the following topics:
#1 – Find your ‘Why?’ – Is there someone, or something you’re passionate about? Does it solve a ‘problem’ for someone else, and how?
#2 – Friends & Biz Partners – What works, and how? Is there a way co-create valuable partnerships? How ?
#3 – Capital, Profits & Money – Know how it works to setup, startup and continuously grow the finances.
#4 – Sales & Marketing – Understanding the spectrum of high-tech to high-touch sales.
#5 – Overcoming Challenges – Top 5 ‘things’ to know and ways to move forward
#6 – Mindset & Myths – Un-pack the top 10 myths about entrepreneurship

Some other areas could ‘show up’ along the way, or questions asked, that could be opportunities to do some ‘work’ together to gain more clarity.

How it works

Each get-together is a group, for about an hour, for nine days. During this time, there will be learnings from the speaker, and with the group. At times, one or more participants may get to be invited and to be in a process of discovery for themselves.

Each of the nine days, we’ll start promptly at the same time each day, in a private ‘room’ online. The recording playback will be made available for up to 3 months.

At the end of the program, participants are invited to take-up a private 1-on-1 complimentary consultation, and have the opportunity to gain further clarity and have details of plans.

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Fees & Other Information

Schedule : 9 days with 60mins group session daily, PLUS ONE complimentary private business consultation with a certified Coach and senior member of Paddee Connexions team.

The Fees : USD $499 per participant, for the duration of this program. Payment acknowledgement via electronic receipt will be sent to the email address you’ve provided.


The terms of participation are :

1) All program meetings in group and complimentary individual meeting will be conducted online.
2) Substitution is not permitted at any time in the course of the program.
3) Program fees are fully paid upfront, and are not refundable.
4) Dates for program commencement are as published.
5) Absence on any of the program days for any reasons, will not be replaced.
6) A web link to each session recording will provided, and will be available for playback for up to 3 months from commencement.
7) These terms of participation are deemed to be agreed and accepted upon payment of the fee.

Your Discovery and Learning Leads

During this time together with us as your program lead, there will be ways in which we’ll discover those things that are truly important to you.

There is nothing else like it out there in the marketplace, for the kind of work that we do. We serve our clients by bringing them to discover what is truly possible for them.

Our Experience

In the 10 years of working with numerous high-performing clients of different interests and abilities, some of whom are CEOs, Directors of public listed companies, sales and management professionals, we’ve continued to serve our clients having ways that clients can discover and learn about ways that brings them to a higher ‘best’.

And by serving our clients to experience learnings in new and different ways, our clients experienced having somewhat ‘unexpected’ results that they could never have imagined was possible, like having 10x of employment income after a short 4months in business; to sign-on 4x new clients in just 4 months after years in corporate; having ways to engage better parenting;…. and many other similar outcomes.