What are the ways to reach higher than ever before?

You could be a person who consistently reaches for higher goals in business. Or someone who is moving ahead in your professional career. Perhaps you’re a forward-looking professional who regularly seeks out ways to improve and develop new skills and abilities.

This could be for you – the Personal Growth Intensive.

It is created to serve those who are like YOU – a progressive, action-oriented leaderand help you reach the next level.

Its a one-of-a-kind intensive coaching for a group. And its designed for just a small group of people who already have some success and want more out of life.

It’s about reaching deep to uncover insights and possibilities that brings you to achieve those higher goals.

Here’s what others have said…

Through her powerful questions, deep dive and connecting to truth, I gave myself permission to explore an expanded vision that thrills and scares me. We worked on the plan, environment and support required, most importantly the energy to sustain this vision. I feel so much more alive and excited to experience the future.


Success Coach & Speaker

I gained deeper insights and better understanding into what caused or are driving my behaviours and actions. Dephy was skilled at connecting the dots, unravelling and surfacing the real cause behind them. Appreciated the tools too.




Here’s what you can expect at this Intensive : Going deep to reach for more possibilities within.

And to recognise that which already serves you. And knowing what else could better serve you.

Possibly shift some of those things that slow you down. And being aware of and choosing different ways forward.

To be effortless about your success.

This is an invitation for you to spend time with other fun, interesting and fascinating people – and be with like-minded others who also want to live in the Zone of Genius and always be challenging their zone of comfort.

If it already feels like THIS IS YOU… scroll down and read more.


.. is 3 days of Intensive coaching so you can uncover how to be in your Zone of Genius.

This intensive is for those who are reaching for higher ground in life. And who want to have the following 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months to be the BEST YEAR ever


… to experience the Personal Growth intensive in a small group with some other successful top performers who are like yourself.

‘Challenge the extreme’ – is about reaching beyond the Comfort Zone and creating your BEST YEAR EVER.


We’ll be meeting daily in Ljubljana Old Town, in the capital Slovenia. The venue will be at a private meeting place and not at a hotel. You’ll receive the exact address several days before arrival in Slovenia.


The dates for this intensive are the October 16-18, 2019.

Each day on Wednesday – Friday (16 Oct – 18 Oct) the agenda for the Intensive will look something like this :

10:00hr – 12:30hr      Morning session

12:30hr – 14:00hr       Lunch break

14:00hr – 16:00hr       Afternoon session

On Wednesday 16th, we’ll get together as a group to have dinner. 🙂


Here’s what you can expect to know more about :

A vision of yourself that will truly inspire you. Know some things that helps you to get there – a plan. Uncover possible internal drivers of your success habits and actions – so you can do more of those. And learn about some tools and resources that supports your growth.

Be ready to show-up more powerfully in life, say YES to possibility and adventure outside of your Comfort Zone.

Each intensive is carefully crafted to near perfection. Each is unique and no two intensives will ever be the same.


Bring your own notebook and writing utensils to take down notes.

You’ll be coached at times one-to-one, and at times in a group. The learning and growth you’ll receive is based on how often you’re willing to ‘ride’ in the moment and go with where your mind is taking you – the ‘adventure’.

‘Challenge your extreme’. Be ready to have fun, and to discover what could really be possible for you.


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is considered to be one of the hidden gems of Europe. Its a city with a green soul and sustainable vision of development. Culture is a way of life, with many well-preserved buildings that are marked by its different historical periods, with traces to all periods of its rich history; from the legacy of Roman Emona; through to the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods and the later modern aesthetics of European sculptures.


Wear warm winter clothing, and remember to bring along gloves and scarfs.


The fee is a modest rate of just USD3,800 to be in the program. Its one of the most affordable rates in the market, that gives direct access to work with a world-class professional coach during the intensive.

Adventure Coaching on Saturday (19 Oct)

Take a further 30mins as your private powerful add-on to the prior 3Days of Growth Intensive. This 30mins is OPTIONAL.

Should you choose to take this additional 30min coaching option, here is what is required of you :

  • to ‘ride with the challenge‘ and choosing to receive powerful coaching while on-board a vintage train
  • being open receive inspiration while having fun
  • to claim your Gift in Adventure – that is, a Complementary Round-Trip Train Ticket for ONE – from the Alps to the Mediterranean all within a day, and back to Lubljana at approximately 21:30hrs (same day).

It’s just a limited time before we close registrations to start preparing for this ultimate growth coaching adventure.

With only limited seats available, be sure to register and book your seat for this intensive.

Payments made are non refundable. Read the purchase Terms & Conditions here

Complete the registration fully so that our team will be ready to welcome you on the day.

To Your Best Year Ahead!

Join the intensive with me,



Hi, my name is Dephy and I’m excited to be meeting you at the Personal Growth Intensive in Ljubljana.

The question I frequently am asked is “Why do I do what I do .. and get people ‘out there’ with me every so often?”

Well, it is because I’ve learned that it works. Powerful coaching works when its 100% out of the Comfort Zone. And it has always worked for me.

You’ll be hearing more from me via email before the intensive starts, to get you prepared for this personal growth adventure.

See you soon! Love, Dephy