I acknowledge you


for using this opportunity to learn some new ways to reach even higher


Perhaps there are some new skills that you want to have, or new ideas and new ways to do things. Or maybe some sort of situations are showing up, and it feels like having to ‘slow down’ or move away from reaching your higher possibilities.

Through many years of being a professional coach to clients, one of the things I’ve discovered is – whatever it is that works for one client, is not the same as for another client.

Together, we’ll work on the things that you may want to have. As the coach, I get to dig deep into years of experience and to reach for more ways that I can serve you more powerfully.

As a client and with me as your coach, we’ll discover some ‘things’ that you can use to reach higher, with different ways and new ideas and knowing what truly serves you.

Having a Coach

Some people may think that ‘coaching’ is like ‘teaching’ or ‘mentoring’ – where it is possible to attend some ‘classes’ and hope to ‘it works’ for them.

But there is an open secret about this – which is that some types of learnings get outdated very quickly with small changes in life, such as changes in job, economy or environment.

And that is why, the ones who are leaders – the high performers – choose to invest and work together with a coach so they can have higher abilities and have new methods and ways to reach their highest potential.

Some of the Benefits

In the time that we work together and I’m being their coach, my clients found out how to have new possibilities. And here are some of the things they said that they have gained :

  • new ways to reach higher results
  • high enthusiasm for bigger goals
  • feels natural to inspire others
  • having the ‘right’ communication with positive results
  • being more creative
  • inspiring higher cooperation, trust and teamwork
  • not having to ‘look over the shoulder’
  • easily galvanise others’ inputs and ideas
  • … etc.

By working with me in a coaching process, in a relatively short time, some of my clients had experienced having a more positive reality for themselves.

These and more could be possible for you, by choosing to be in the coaching process with me as your coach.

How this Works

As a professional coach, I’ve had opportunities to work with some of high-performing leaders as my clients. And to be doing what I do, it comes partly from having some achievements – as a business owner, a leader, a Director… having higher goals each time, and knowing what it feels like to have ‘hits’ and ‘miss’.

And, it is also about investing in more learnings to gain mastery of skills only known by some the most successful coaches in the world.

By choosing to work together with me, my clients know they will receive a part of all experiences and learnings that I have invested in, and to have my best ‘work” for them each time, and in a way that could powerfully serve them.

“I was overwhelmed by some others in my team, but now I can be more ‘in-control’ and find it easier to lead others.”


“Previously my role was as a project manager, and now I’ve been appointed to lead other project managers in the company.”


“My work stress has reduced and my health is improving even though I’m still having the same job to manage 24×7 support team.”


Each time that we get-together, there will be opportunities for new learnings, discoveries and new ways of doing things that works for you. Maybe it could be one or two new ideas that have never come up before.

We’ll get-together on the dates you’ve chosen, about every 2-3 weeks. We’ll meet to work together on the things that you want to focus on, for a period of 3 months.

Each time that we’ll be meeting, we’ll be working on what is important to you – it could be about the higher vision you want to reach, some new ways to accelerate your plan, some different ideas or thinking about how thins could be for you.

It could be for 2 or perhaps 3 hours, where we’ll work together on one or two things and having clarity on those things that are important to you.


The fee to be on this program and having a coach to work together on your higher vision and plans, is just USD $4,800.

Compared with others in the market, the fee is very affordable, and probably one of the lowest in the market, to have a professional coach work together to reach the higher vision of yourself.

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