Be an Influencer & Get More

Recognition and Opportunities


that others know your business by company brand or name and by its product and services… and NOT by knowing the authentic YOU, even though you are the key figure in your business?


you feel that you have more to offer… and you want to be able to influence and impact others positively and add even more value to your leadership brand and image?


your personal leadership brand lagging behind just because you don’t know where to begin?

I know what you’re going through.

I’ve run business(es) for many years in the way that (as I had understood to be) the ‘norm’ and the ‘right way’ … UNTIL I realised how much things have changed.

The old leadership model no longer works.

Here’s what I found out …

Leaders are constantly evolving. In the current business landscape, leaders do better when they know how to project their authentic personal brand that says who they are and what they are about.

Present leaders are clearly more successful when they know how to leverage on personal branding to engage and to create influence. Leaders get more recognition when they are being more authentic.

Leaders in business must learn how to leverage their personal brand in order to be relevant and to succeed.

And… I realised that IF my business (and myself) is to be relevant to customers in 5-10 years’ time, that I need to get help. And I needed to embrace the evolution and let go of old norms and to take action consistent with the new “norms” in business.

To achieve this, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn with successful global entrepreneurs (who make yearly USD $ 8-figures) to have the in’s and out’s of their strategies for creating influence, engagement and personal branding.

I’m using these strategies to elevate my business and to help my inner circle of business partners to leapfrog their personal brand to another level.

What’s In the Program?

You’ll identify your target market that you want to have in your circle of influence

You get an on-going 6-month rolling strategy for engagement & influence using social media engagement to build your personal brand

You’ll get help with understanding some of the tools that are built around automating influencer engagement (and know how to effectively use the tools)

You will have your personal social media engagement plan, including topics or subject matter that is specific to you

You’ll learn to use some strategies to increase engagement, such as live videos, writings, re-share worthy posts, etc.

You’ll know how to conduct your own live video or recorded video training, including how to posture, how to present content and how to create the call to action.

You’ll have clarity on your messaging strategy to launch / prelaunch your product / business ideas to increase traction and awareness.

You’ll get comfortable with using social tools in a way that you know can bring you and your business forward

How this works

Be noticed and engaged with those who identify with your cause. Get recognition from those who’ve gained and learned through you. You’ll be an influencer and leader to others who leverage on your engagement to succeed.

Get recognised for the value that you’ve brought to others.

Perhaps you could be called out for being a thought leader or subject matter expert, and be invited to speak, or get on the cover of leading magazines.

In this leadership program, what you are creating is your personal influencer strategy and engagement plan, that fits comfortably into your own personal objectives.

You get to choose the kind of contents want to share and express, the method and the ways that best highlights you and your contents.

We’ll be doing the work together – to have a plan that gives you the activities and your personal growth plan to create your authentic personal brand over a period of 1 year.

During this time, we’ll get together as frequently as needed, up to 4 hours each month(in a single session or in 2 separate sessions) to work together on your objectives.

You’ll have access to me via phone, email and messaging at all times, should you want to ask or find out more.

You may choose to bring forward the engagement sessions into the initial stages, in the design and planning phase for creating your move forward plan.

As a senior or top executive in your organisation, you may have one or more assistants whom you’ve selected to assist you in this program, and we welcome your team to assist you. In the capacity as your business partner and coach, we work directly with you on your requirements and we engage directly with yourself as the named participant of the program and for the duration of the program.

What’s In the Program?

We are inviting you to take a first step and experience how it feels like to work with us.

The value of this 1 year program is just RM36,000.

And by taking the swift action to enroll… you can GET 33% OFF and SAVE RM12,000 when you agree and give permission for us to use the contact sessions as part of our training contents – never for marketing.

By doing the kind of work that we’ll be doing together in this program, you will get kind of results that benefit you as a leader. You’ll know how to leverage on your personal brand to engage and create increasing influence and to have more achievements.

The Options

Choose the pricing that works best for you


RM 24,000

We will use your recording for teaching demonstrations within our
programs – never marketing.

Yes, I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions


RM 36,000

Select this regular rate
to keep your time with us fully private.

Yes, I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions


You get an exclusive invitation to a half-day CEO Circle Branding mastermind once every 6 months, and you get to attend for FREE.

At this event, you get the REAL INs and OUTs of CEO’s building their personal brand to take them to reach greater success. Know what works, what moves people and what it takes to drive your presence to a new level.

Mastermind groups comprise of 12-15 participants and each brings their own best sharing to the table. Additionally, we may invite guest speakers to share personal insights of their journey so participants can leverage to increase their results.


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