What are the things for you that ‘LESS’ means ‘MORE’?

You could already be someone who….

seeks to be amongst other top performers, and still want more progress

wants to be more engaged in new ways so you can be more impactful.

is already having success… and looking towards your next brilliant career achievement

you’re a top performer who wants to be in a community of like-minded achievers,…. other people like yourself.


However those resources to expand seems to be exhausted. Recognise any of these?

… have big dreams yet ‘no time’ to work on it

… have young kids, but little energy to bond during the weekdays

… financially wealthy yet constantly anxious about being ‘in control’

… highly experienced yet feel ill-equipped to embrace different possibilities;

… feel somewhat disempowered when facing personal challenges

… anxious about finances yet feel a little ‘shy’ to seek guidance

… being qualified yet constantly having anxiety about making ‘mistakes’

… feel victimised yet believe its ‘unavoidable’

Recognise any similarities with ‘LESS means MORE’ for other top performers?

● have less stress and be more fulfilled

● feel fearless and experience more possibilities

● feel less anxiety and have more success

● have less hours and get more income

● have less expectations and enjoy more harmonious relationships

● experience less fear and have higher self-worth

● have less self-judgment and live more fulfilling relationships

You may already be thinking…

… what are those things for you that ‘LESS means MORE’?



Join us for an exciting 1-day excursion with like-minded and fascinating people and find new ways to increase your personal resources and abilities in the ‘LESS’ means ‘MORE’ intensive.


A unique natural get-a-way in the lush forest and far from city-scapes … to be amongst the luxurious green forests to know the ways that less IS more.



08:00h       Transfer to venue* (approx 1hr20m)

10:00h       Adjourn at the YogaHut and begin

12:30h       Lunch* (approx 1h)

13:30h       Cont’d …

15:30h       Tea* break

16:00h       Transfer to city*

* included and provided



Bring your notebook and pen / pencil for taking notes.



You’ll gain the most out of this 1-day intensive by bringing yourself with the aim to fully participate and have fun.

There’s little or no phone signals in the area; be sure to clearly communicate your availability to your office, colleagues or spouse on your whereabouts for the day.



Wear comfortable clothing and preferably non-pointed heels for foot wear. You may choose to take short walks in the beautiful lush natural forest greenery, though no strenuous or physically challenging activities are planned for the session.


Less means MORE…

What you can expect to gain … : 

● be conscious of emotional ‘investments’ with high-cost and low-returns;

● more focused on what you want (rather than don’t want)

● let go of loop-thinking

● recognise thinking patterns that ‘lives’ in the comfort zone

● release the less desired resources (fear, hurt, conflict, anger, self-esteem, etc) and have the more desired results (money, relationships, career, family, etc.)

● clarity to pursue valuable objectives

How this works

This program works best with participants who are inter-linked through a common purpose, such as….

  • group of friends to mastermind each other to reach higher success;
  • members of a team to have increased awareness and trust-building;
  • business owners & business partners having the resources to reach their goals;
  • sports teams accessing deeper resources for peak performance;
  • political strategists gaining access to resources that elevate leadership qualities
  • family members living harmoniously having more open communication
  • … etc.

Keywords for “Less means More” are :

trust-building | possibilities | resources  | self-awareness  | consciousness | expansion | insights

Participants :

The most effective coaching group size is 6 – 12 participants. The sessions are fully in English.

Schedule :

This program is available on on weekdays Monday – Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. For more information on the schedule, click here to send your request.

Arrange :

For more information on how to arrange a group session and obtaining a quote, please click here to send us an email.