22 Mar 2021




The Virtual Innovation Conference : In-Depth Discussions of Business Ideas and Executive Strategies to Prepare in the Post-Pandemic Era


Paddee Connexions PLT, a company incorporated in Malaysia to help clients disrupt old and create new thinking, has launched The Virtual Innovation Conference in March, 2021, to showcase new innovation-led ideas, top executive strategies & priorities, and newer technologies for post-pandemic era.

Malaysia Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) research shows 73% of it’s members will be Gen Y and Gen Z by 2025, who have more interest in the social dividends of the companies, not just on financial results. In another research conducted in 2018, EPF found that 78% of its members do look into ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Goals when investing.

Strategic financial and investment initiatives and capital re-direction towards the green economy accounts for US$4 trillion (RM16.2 trillion) worth of market capitalisation, and this offers career opportunities for a large volume of better-informed workers and businesses in the near future.

This conference aims to raise awareness and increase preparedness in business and professional careers for the next 10 years from 2021, by offering valuable insight discussions on what and how to be more prepared for up and coming changes.

The Virtual Innovation Conference features a half-day agenda from 4pm – 10pm on 12th of April, 2021 and includes speakers from Singapore, Japan, USA, EU and South America, with engaging panel discussions, fireside chats, attendee participation, cocktail & corridor-networking.

Top Executives and Board-member speakers will be sharing views and insights on future industry & competitive landscape, modern leadership, remote work, diversity & inclusion, future sustainable initiatives, and much more.

Social impact thought leaders and startup founders will showcase past and current experiences, and discuss studies of privately funded social impact projects.

The e-booths for visitors feature new and innovative tools including Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Data & Deception Analysis; Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (V.R. & A.R.) technology with use-cases in real-estate, tourism, product sales, retailers and education; and more.

“This conference concept itself is innovative. It’s a new way of doing things.”

Paddee Connexions is a company specialising in disruptive thinking, and uses a combination of arts and science methodologies to help its clients, ie: modern leaders, to create an effective personalised leadership toolkit. It’s goal is to inspire a sense of direction and purpose, engage in meaningful conversation and as an enabler of new thinking to flourish, leading to new and improved outcomes.