In the next few months, in 2021, we’re doing things a little bit ‘different for our coaching clients and investing partners – in a way that they could experience different learnings and have ways to reach some higher ‘goals’.

And we’ve decided to invite our best clients to be part of ‘The Purpose Investor’. Its a small group of investing-minded others who are excited, curious and wanting to experience different learnings about investing. This is where our clients can have more time with some investing-minded others, to learn more and grow together.

On the one side of investing, is learning how to invest. On the other side – it is to be able to operate from a ‘place’ of higher self-conviction and awareness, and knowing some different ways to reach the place of higher success.

The Purpose Investor

The more successful investors I know are also those who know themselves the best. And that means – knowing some ways to discover the ‘inner’ thinking and having ways to reach higher.

And there is some ‘work’ and learning one could experience, that is different from any other – there may be some ‘things’ which slows you down, and perhaps there could be some other discoveries to reach forward. Perhaps some other things might ‘show up’ along the way, that could be some of the ‘work’ that we’ll be doing together.

We are inviting those who want to have ‘more’ to be part of this circle; and we’re inviting our clients who are open to learning different ways to develop the ‘inner’ skills.

Stock Investing Program Leads

We’re inviting you to join us and some others and to be in a process to ‘create’ – and that is, to have new and different ways to reach a higher ‘best’ than previous, and to discover what works and some new ways to move towards higher results in investing.

In ‘The purpose Investor’, we’ll be able to get together more often as a group of like-minded investing professionals, and to have more opportunities to know of new ideas, different ways to ‘see’ opportunity and perhaps to experience thinking to reach some higher possibilities. 

Our Vision

Our vision for FIRL is to be part of a community of those who seek to learn more about investing, and also want more out investing activities. And ‘The Purpose Investor‘ group is a way to bring together some of the learnings so as to have ways to reach forward and for a higher ‘best’. xxxxx ???

How this works

We’ll have group get-togethers more often, as a group, to learn more about investing and knowing more of that which matters

And there are group get-togethers to experience different learnings and to discover new ideas, perspectives or perhaps even some new insights to reach for higher possibilities.

Here is what ‘The Purpose Investor‘ is like on the calendar : 

  • regular monthly private 1-on-1 conversations, to learn some different ways to look at methods, system, plans and perhaps also portfolio.
  • monthly get-togethers in a group, to learn about different ways to move forward, have some different thinking, and some new discoveries that helps
  • being invited to have immersive experiences, where it is available; and participating in private small-group briefings with experts in the industry and officials of companies.

BY being a participant and joining ‘The Purpose Investor’, is to discover some learnings and have different ways to reach forward for a higher ‘best’.

The Fees

This is an invitation to experience somewhat of a ‘learning adventure’. Its about having new and different ways to experience learning, and to have discoveries and some new ways forward to reach some higher results.

This program, ‘The Purpose Investor’, is for those who want more, and want to have more ways to reach a higher ‘best’. It is for those investors who are open to have better ways to do things, and being curious and open about the kind of learnings that could help them move forward.

The fee is USD18,000 to join the group, and be amongst others who are curious, fun and adventurous. This sort of fee could be considered reasonable, and which some of our clients say is very affordable, when considering the kind of results they have.

Other Useful Information

This program is created by combining efforts and expertise of having knowledge to invest, and also the thinking and abilities to move forward and reach higher : what that means is : FIRL Guys providing stock investing expertise and instructions, methods and practice fundamentals; and Paddee Connexions for ways to discover more about ways to experience new thinking, behaviours and actions to reach forward.

While there are many out there providing either one of the learnings, there’s no one we know about who have a vision to serve clients in a way that shows them different ways to reach for a higher ‘best’. It’s for those who want more from life and to have different ways to reach forward.

Discovery and Learning Leads

During this time together with us as your Discovery and Learning leads, there will be opportunities to experience learnings in ways that is fun and different, and which helps to have ways to move forward.

There is nothing else like it out there in the marketplace, for the kind of work that we do. We serve our clients by bringing them to discover what is truly possible for them, and have different ways to move forward.

Our Experience

In the 10 years of working with numerous high-performing clients of different interests and abilities, some of whom are CEOs, Directors of public listed companies, sales and management professionals, we’ve continued to serve our clients having ways that clients can discover and learn about ways that brings them to a higher ‘best’.