Joining Salon

Other things to know

These are some questions frequently asked :

1. How is Salon different to other programs out there?

It’s about transformation; not information. Unlike anything else in the market, our clients have new ways to learn and achieve ‘new’ and better results that they want to have. See what other clients are saying about us.

2. What skills can I learn? 

You’ll get to experience how it works; how it feels like to be a client and to be coached, and also to see how it could be like having to be a coach. And in the course of working together, you could also discover new ways to have more skills to have powerful or meaningful conversations, how to show up in your life, shifting own boundaries, creating desired results, knowing what works for you, and many more different and useful skills.

3. Will there be learning materials ?

During the course of Salon 2021, some things may come up during our conversations, such as a useful book title, or some other resources. Additionally, we may be able to share some useful tools that were developed for other clients, plus, other useful resources and information that will be shared as needed.

4. What are some of the topics covered in Salon?

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5. Can Salon members also participate in other coaching programs of Paddee Connexions?

Each year, we offer just a few places at our Destination Intensive program, which is held at a specially selected location somewhere in the world. We’ve held such programs in the past, in Singapore, Estonia and Slovenia. Salon members may participate in this exclusive 3-day coaching Intensive in 2021 for free, just by paying your own airfare, accommodation and meals.

6. How many times in the year, for group and individual sessions?

Salon get-togethers as a group takes place 4x in the year, where we spend some time learning together as a group. While we expect that there may be some which need to be held online due to possible travel restrictions, we are planning (and hopeful) to have 2x group in-person get-togethers in the later part of the year. Additionally, you will be able to continue having in-private coaching conversations, which could be fortnightly or as frequent as needed.

6. Any option to pay by instalments?

Program fees are paid in full at the beginning of the program. Financing can be arranged directly with your bank or credit card issuer co., should you require.

Salon is for some like-minded people to get-together more often; some fun and interesting people who want to have more out of life. And to reach higher for all that could be possible, in the manner of having ‘fun’.

If this is the kind of group you’d like to spend more time around, and have some new and different ways to reach higher in life, then Salon 2021 is most likely a good fit.