Joining Salon 2021

Experience different ways of learning and reach the best version of you

Being a Member of Salon

Salon is designed… it is crafted… as a unique and powerful experience for those who want to have higher achievements. In Salon, you’ll be along side others to learn together.

In Salon, there may be different ways that you’ll be able to experience own thinking about things, and which leads you to have new learnings and discoveries to move forward.

You could also be getting even more and benefiting by learning from others’ experiences, as they will also learn from yours.

You may have some opportunities to have powerful insights; or even be connecting deeply with yourself and learning more about things that serve you, and having new thoughts and move forward effortlessly.

You’re in control – and you get to choose how we ‘play’, and how far or how deep we’ll be able to go each time.

This is how you’ll see Salon on the calendar :

4 salon group get-togethers   +   1 global intensive   +   fortnightly 1-On-1 time


And this is how you could be experiencing Salon :

learnings   +   discoveries   +   insights that rock your world   +   new ideas   +   possibilities never thought of before   +   different ways to move things ‘around’ and ‘out of the way’   +   … more

The fee for Salon 2021 is just USD $18,000, which is very affordable for the kind of work that we’ll do together, where you get to learn from experienced global entrepreneurs and professional coaches.

And, by paying this fee, you also get to participate for FREE at a global intensive in 2021, whereby others will be paying not less than USD$5,000 for their seat to be at the intensive.

There are many ways that this is already saving money for you, but possibly the most valuable part of saving time and money is by investing in your self to reach higher resuults.

This is one of the lowest and most affordable rates that you’ll find in the market, for this kind of professional work. What you’re receiving is the result of years of experience we’ve gained through coaching other clients, the hundreds of books & materials we’ve gone through and and tens of thousands of dollars investment in seminars and conferences, and to experience being coached by some of the best-known professionals in the world.

Getting a Seat in Salon 2021

Doors are now open to register for your seat in Salon 2021, which begins in January. There are only enough seats for just a few fun and interesting people to participate.

Mark your calendar for the 3rd Saturday in the months of March, June, September and November of 2021 for Salon group get-togethers. We’re committed to creating unparalleled learning experiences in Salon 2021, in a way that brings you to reach higher sooner.

Also, we’ll continue to do that which you’ve experienced that works…  – and having the individual one-on-one powerful coaching conversations throughout Salon 2021. These are in-private conversations where we speak together, which could be fortnightly or monthly, so you can receive all the help you need in this time.

It costs just USD $18,000 for you to register and confirm a seat to be in Salon 2021. Click the button below to register and confirm your seat.


Salon 2021 is about being with like-minded others – some fun, interesting and fascinating people who, like you, want more from life.

It’s a community of those who are high performers and know what they want, and ready to take action to reach their goals.

By being a member of Salon, you could raise your ‘game’ and play ‘bigger’ and aim higher – and choose to live in your higher possibilities. Click to register for Salon 2021.