Last year, we created Salon 2020 and invited some of our best clients to be part of this community. They get to experience new and different ways to learn, and we invited them to be mastermind players for each other. And they said ‘Yes’.

Some will remember year 2020 as a year of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). But members of Salon experienced  having even ‘more’ in 2020 – more success, more money, more possibilities and even higher achievements than prior years.

And we’re excited to bring these same possibilities to you and others – by inviting you to be part of Salon 2021. It’s a way to discover that which works for you, and helps you to have higher results and achievements.

Salon 2021 is about getting together with a few others and learning new ways to reach higher.

Salon 2021

Salon 2021 is about getting together more often with some others who also want to learn, grow and have some different ways to reach higher results.

It’s a way to have some new discoveries, or have some fresh ideas;. maybe there’ll be ‘things’ in a way you’ve never ‘seem’ before. Some ways to do things differently could show up for you; or something else that helps you forward. 

Together, in a small group, with some others who may be somewhat like you – Salon 2021 is about reaching for more ways to move forward, and knowing what it takes to ‘get there’.

Joining Salon 2021

You’re probably already someone others describe as fun and interesting, and curious about life. And you’re wanting to know how much more there could be.

And you want to be around some others who also seek new ways to reach their higher possibilities.

Perhaps career life takes up almost all your energy and time. Or perhaps there’s been little new results in the last few years. And you’re wanting to have new ways to do things. 

It may be that you have some curiosity…. and you want to know ‘How?’. 

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Things You can Expect from Salon 2021

You can expect to have a new and different experiences and learnings that helps you to reach forward.

Some of our clients say  – the work is fun yet could be challenging at times; seems simple yet is fascinating; requires small actions yet could achieve big results.

Here are some other things to expect in Salon 2021 :

  • Expect to do inner work. You could discover some things new or not known before, to have new and fresh thinking.
  • Expect to learn some new skills. It could be that you’ll need to have some new skills to reach a higher vision, which we may already have and you could learn.
  • Expect to be challenged. At times, it might feel like you’re being challenged and having to choose some new thinking, habits or behaviours to support reaching forward to the ‘new’.
  • Expect some fun-work. There’ll be some additional resources along the way, which may be fun for you, such as reading titles, informative web links, short videos or some other valuable resources.
  • Expect the unexpected. You may experience one or several new insights that could ‘rock’ your world. It may be a new discovery that brings forward your goals to you, or some other unexpected learning that benefits you.
  • Expect to be ‘all in’ and to ‘play’ full out. Step up – and be ready to go ‘all in’, so you can discover that which is truly possible for you.

Being in Salon 2021 is about having new and fun ways to experience learning and in ways that only a few have the privilege to have.

And, the ‘work’ that you’ll receive by being in Salon 2021 is that which we’ve gained from years of working with other clients, and knowing what works for them.

You’ll also save much time, effort and money – from the hundreds of hours of work and dollars we’ve invested for more than 10 years in books and materials, and also tens of thousands of dollars attending numerous seminars and conferences around the world. You’ll get all that you need to have while getting ahead with your vision and business goals.

Some other things to know

The highest possibilities lives outside of ‘possible’ – it lives somewhere together with ‘inspiration’.

If you have experienced my work as a Coach, or the kind of work I do coaching in small groups, then you may already know a thing or two about me – that I’ll do only those things that helps clients to have higher inspired action while gaining more energy and having fun.

Salon was created with that in mind – to experience learning in a small group of like-minded others who also are excited to know more ways in life to reach higher and have more.

Being in Salon 2021 means having new ways to learn and think, new ways to see things and possibly some new ideas which you’ll receive and explore, which could help you reach 10x success while feeling like having fun.

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How it Works

You’ll be invited to use the time in Salon to create more of the kind of ‘things’ and results you want to have. Be ‘all in’, and be available for growth and new learnings.

At times, it could feel exciting and fun, at times it could feel like its ‘new’ and a little unfamiliar.

A different way of seeing things may show up and there could be new discoveries to move forward.

Salon 2021 group will get together on the 3rd Saturday in the months of March, June, September and November of 2021. And each time is different – there’ll be new things to learn and experience together. While we’re having some group get-togethers on-line, we’re planning for two group get-togethers that are live, in-person to happen in the later part of the year.

We’ll also continue having individual one-on-one coaching conversations with you throughout Salon 2021. These are in-private conversations where we speak together, which could be fortnightly or monthly, so you can receive all the help you need in this time.

Salon 2021 is your ‘ME’ time to discover new ways to reach your highest possibilities

Reach out and send us your questions

Salon 2021 is designed and specially crafted in a way as to create unique ways to learn and experience possibilities. Together in a group, there will be more ways to learn and experience growth.

The best way to receive the most is to be ‘available’ for new learnings. For some of my clients, I’ve seen ‘things’ happen literally almost overnight …. even though some people have said these things ‘normally’ would take years to achieve.

And this invitation is for you to join Salon 2021 – and have new and different ways to reach higher possibilities.