Being a member of

Sofea Circle


Having new ways to get higher and to have more success in the era of augmentation.

More information about the following :


These get-togethers are somewhat unique, and different from others. Twice in the year everyone is invited to gather in-person, at a pre-selected location, with a uniquely crafted itinerary to draw out the most of the day.

These will be –

  • July 21st & 22nd, Langkawi Island, Malaysia
  • Nov 10th & 11th, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Each are 1.5days; begins in the mornings on the 1st day


Scale & Skill

These are regular and cosy interactions with others to go deep into pertinent challenges, and gain learnings and lessons as a path-finder. There may also be  also special guests appearance, such as industry, policy or governance personalities or authorities that we may invite to be part of the gathering. Some of these opportunities to scale & skill may be in-person meetings, and some others are online.



These are conversations leading to providing some information or knowledge relating which may be around people, or perspectives, or influence, authority or ambitions. This provides a comfortable and un-intrusive space to create more of that which is possible in the next normal.

The era of augmentation is about increasing individual and organisational capacity – to strategise, organise, compete; or to lead, manage, perform a role. There are also significant changes in many other areas in life including income generation, career planning, parenting, retirement planing and where augmenting those abilities are necessary.

In a technology-centric future, as quickly as technical skills need to augment, alongside it is to have the ability to recognise, deliver and lead.

To be able to augment, means – to get to the new frontier of balance which is powered-by-people and not just powered-by-technology. This is the exceptional difference in the Sofea circle – whereby to augment is more than just the need to have information.


For many years we have been showing clients the different ways available to them to build a business, or to transform their relationships, to get advancement in career, to have authority and respect, to have influence… this and more. We show them how to know and to be powered-by-people for success.


And we have designed the Sofea Circle to go even farther – by having a community of intra value-adding and augmenting.

Here are some things that will be explored in the course of Sofea Circle, within the year :

  • digitalisation topics
  • some on sustainability, ESGs
  • inner & outer skills perspectives
  • future work & changes
  • parenting – new & old mindset
  • wealth & family office

There may be more topics, or some different ones that may show-up as being significant and impacting the era of augmentation.

Also, these are not in any sequence or order; while some some topics / themes may require more attention than others, and which we’ll discover this as we go along. Where there are additional themes / topics that come up, it could be added to our conversations as a group.

What some clients are saying  …

“Before, I always thought that I am incapable of starting something of my own and do sales. I learned that these are learnable skills.”

“I was disorganised and direction-less. I learned how to be accountable and influence people in a positive direction.”

“I achieved a higher level of consciousness, feel more grounded and have developed a stronger sense of self worth.”

“I opened my mind, thoughts views and whole new perspectives in life.”