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(April – December 2022)

Starts April, 2022

Choosing to join and to be in Sofea Circle is a step forward on being informed, prepared and having more to maintain or expand your success in the next normal.

It’s also about having to learn to adapt in a new world that offers less structure, predictability, repetition and that requires much more of finding the balance and having awareness and fortitude.

By being in Sofea Circle, it will be where one can learn from everyone, and every one gets to learn from the others too. Sofea Circle is tailored to serve clients who are open and willing to be part of innovating some new ideas to be effective in the next normal.

Below, are the 3 specific scenes that encompasses all of Sofea Circle 2022. Where one scene may seem to appeal more than the other, however, it takes the use of all 3 types of interactions so as to benefit fully from being in the circle. 

Conventional, yet Not

Contents and the delivery methods used for Sofea Circle is about designing and crafting a blend – a unique mix of knowns and unknowns, in a way that is different and unusual, and that can reflect the external realities in the next normal.

In this time, there may be opportunity to know about the 6 intellectual faculties and higher cognitive abilities, and how it controls inner realities.

We may get to discuss more about inner reality and how it effects, or is effected by, outer realities, especially now in the current era of accelerated external change.

The fee for each individual to join Sofea Circle 2022 is

USD 4,997

Purchase Policy

We use Paypal for safety and convenience of client transactions.

Strangely, by joining Sofea Circle, one can get more than expected – and to get the ‘unexpected’ – by experiencing some of these ‘things’ for themselves. (Well, we know this because several of our clients too, have surprised themselves – and surprised us. And yes, they decided that our fee is a small fee to pay because what they received was to get 10x their expected services startup income in less than 1 year.)



Everyone together, in-person, be “all-In” and be part of “give” and “get”, Sofea Circle & guest personalities.

The is about : get to a pre-selected venue, being in-person with those who are more ambitious and visionary, like yourself.

  • July 21st & 22nd, Langkawi Island, Malaysia
  • Nov 10th & 11th, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Each are 1.5days; begins in the mornings on the 1st day

Overview : This is where there will be talks, opportunities for debate, panel discussions, and possibly some guest-speakers.

The details will be sent in email some weeks prior, with details of venue, duration, and other information needed to plan your schedule.


“Coffee Bar”

Small group, just a few in-person, some “work” to know more uses of inner & outer reality.

This is about : experiencing, or seeing it through others’ experience, more a group experience of inner & outer reality.

  • April 29, May 20, June 10, Sept 9, Oct 29, Dec 17
  • Meetings begin in the mornings and may be up to half-day

Overview : each meeting is uniquely different; with some facilitation guidance or useful information to be able to get at some conclusive learning lessons

Details are sent via email some weeks prior, with information to make proper arrangements.

The BONUS : “Passage way”

Claim this BONUS ITEM : One-on-one, quick (or maybe not?) conversation, other perspectives & maybe even new insights

This is about : new tools, ideas and ways to create a unique different reality for more leverage in the era of augmentation

  • a focused half-day deep-dive experience
  • it is highly recommended to claim this Bonus item and schedule ahead of time

Overview : each call is more about you – and where there may be areas or ‘things’ that need more, and perhaps we may be able to help with

Step by step info for confirming this Bonus item will be provided via email.


At times there may be referral made to certain useful information and additional resources that adds value to get to the desired outcome. It may be the title of a book, link to an article or video, or other things. Be sure to have some writing utensils and notebook handy to take your own notes.


Most of the meeting venues for in-person will be within the Klang Valley area, in or near the city. There are two occasions where all members of Sofea Circle are invited to a pre-selected location out of the city.

At all times, arrangements and personal costs of travel by flights or by car, accommodation, food & beverage or any other personal requirement is the responsibility of the individual.

Maximum Benefit

The thing to know is – that there’s no upper limit to what one can ‘get’ by being in Sofea Circle. It’s doesn’t ‘run out’ by getting a promotion, a client, starting a business, make a million dollars.

In fact, the benefits will 2x, 3x even 10x and more (yes, this has happened) each time it is ‘used’.

These are some ways to be in the position to receive the most benefit from our time together.

  • get enough rest before
  • stay hydrated throughout
  • stay curious
  • ask questions
  • be all-in


Most of the information that you’ll need to have in the year will be sent to your email. Be sure to provide us an email address that you’ll regularly open.

Information such as dates, venue, and all other useful detail, other than sending in email, will additionally be posted on a Sofea community webpage. Make sure to store the page link handy when it becomes available to you.



The fee for each individual to join Sofea Circle (April – December 2022) is

USD 4,997

Purchase Policy

We use Paypal for safety and convenience of client transactions.