Sofea Circle is a fraternity for individuals who are and want to value-add and to have more influence and authority to achieve their vision. This is a community where it is to seek different ways of thinking, challenging the old norms and to discover new ideas that fit better in a world that is moving fast to a next normal.

This is a community to be with some others that have more ‘big-picture’ minded thinking, and may be in some roles such as global change, or having influence and authority in a way as to impact life for themselves and others in the next normal.

As the world takes steps forward, we are inviting and creating the Sofea Circle – for those who may be seeking newer ideas and discover more about the era of augmentation – for the benefit of their teams, systems or even structures – and who want to gain higher advantage and competitive edge being in the next normal.

The future in a tech-centred era needs to have newer and better ways that a leader or visionary can advance their ambitions.

We invite individuals who are passionate about their ideals, who have big-picture thinking and likely to be goals-driven and ambitious, and to have a bias for action, to join the Sofea Circle and know others who are also seeking ways to innovate for the future.

In the Era of Augmentation

SOFEA stands for Space, Future and the Era of Augmentation. Amongst other things, being in SOFEA circle is about being with those who want ways to influence, take charge, lead and shape the bigger business or economic outcomes in the next normal.

There could be discovery of other ways and fresh insights to manifest ideas and to identify mindsets of those who will support and deliver those ideas. There are opportunities to know about some different perspectives, get some learnings and get useful take-aways from other path-finder experiences. 


It is a unique environment that may feel a little like it is both competitive and collaborative at the same time, and where each one can get much more by being with like-minded others than is possible by the time spent being with peers or subordinates.

The Sofea circle is about being able to get deeper in conversation and to know the drive, push & pull factors, challenges and the thinking about creativity and innovation. Having different ways and know-how to get higher outcomes is the kind of people-work and the value of mindset-work that for years we at Paddee Connexions, is specialised in.

Being in the Sofea Circle

Sofea invites its members who come from different backgrounds to meet others and to advance their goals and success in the period of the next normal. Circle members are invited to meet at various get-togethers and to participate in the group.

Being a part of this group may feel like it is a whole different experience – far different and unique from any other, such as networking or being in organisational groups or committees. It could even be different or surprising, as Sofea Circle is centred on each individual creating value for themselves first, and enabling them and others to move forward together.

It’s where leaders and the ones in charge get to fuel-up to lead the change. In the circle, its a ‘place’ where both collaboration and competition energy can happen in-situ and simultaneously, and it happens more by being with equals rather than with subordinates.

What to Expect

Having new ways forward may be crucial, or even be critical to achieve continuity. Here, being in Sofea circle plays the role to be able to explore in different ways and to gather more ideas, to have new strategies to elevate and advance the vision of future work & business.

Being able to have increase and advanced knowledge to influence and have more authority perhaps, is a needed or even a crucial factor to adapt to new ways of market competition. And, it may be that being exposed to more of path-finder thinking is at the core to develop new strategies and planning.

By being in the circle, here are some of the experiences to expect : 

  • expect to be surprised
  • be fueled-up on your ambitions
  • increase power-skills in future work & business
  • have new-era solutions for challenges
  • know other circles & persons of influence

The ‘work’ that we do together in Sofea Circle is so that new avenues and ways can be discovered, and that can lead to achieving some even more ambitious goals. As the world heads into the next unknown and yet undefined normal, the optimistic view that more is possible is also by knowing of different perspectives, get new learnings and have useful take-aways.

What to Pen on the Calendar

Firstly, its the “all-in” get-togethers, and everyone gets to meet in-person in a group. The itinerary of these get-togethers is specially crafted – it is to bring out innovative discussions and thinking and being in the era of innovation and augmentation.

The Sofea Circle plans also puts in place multiple talks, debates, discussions that feature matters in business or career of the future – such as business ethics, org culture, authority, structure & responsibility, optimising revenue & sustainability and more.

There’s also times where it is valuable to know of different learnings, the individual journey, or more about ambitions, charisma, achievements, decisions and authority. It’s that raising and highlighting it is to discover more innovations, creative ways and even other possibilities, as a path-finder discovery opportunity.

Things to do

Sofea Circle members are possible the kind of individuals who lead others by the use of forward-thinking and using knowledge of global-centric advancements. They are likely to be consistently finding more ways to be aligned with future and next normal by being future-conscientious and resourceful.

They share at least one common feature of their mindset – that is, they can see themselves in the future as a high-calibre, impact creator and who have higher ambitions of achievement and success.

In the time together, here are some things to be involved in :

  • deliver a knowledge-hour talk
  • discuss a technological-related ‘map’ for a business
  • moderate / debate on power-skills

Details of the get-together schedule and ‘playbook’ will be made available at the appropriate time.

Other things to know

Everyone is invited to be ‘in’ the proactive, as this is the place where ‘Get’ is as important as ‘Give’. While other leaders are mainly indulged in ‘give’, but in the Circle, now, he or she can re-fuel and be more inspired and ambitious to ‘get’.

It’s about being able to have some ‘fun’ – quite often, when others may not notice, it could be a glimpse of an outside-in, wherever it shows-up.

Being open – to what is expected, and some of the less expected. In a collaborative-competitive interaction, oftentimes, it is also a magnet that brings forth possibilities that are valuable if seen and understood from a new perspective.

And, expect challenges – perhaps its getting together to be ‘collaborative’ that may be unfamiliar, or that being ‘competitive’ is unfamiliar, or perhaps something else in between.

Going farther with next steps

At a certain point, getting more info about Sofia Circle, and its benefits and how to be in the circle will be very useful – for a few reasons.

The details will be useful for those individuals who may ‘see’ or feel as if Sofea Circle is “made to fit” for their current discovery needs. They can see and feel as being a part of it – as a participant, player, collaborator, competitor and leader – within and amongst the others in the Circle, and need information to be able to plan.

It could also be that more information is to be able to strategise ways to secure a seat in Sofea circle. It’s that there is a good fit between Sofea Circle and their plans – their ambitions, goals and newer ways to be more relevant in the Era of Augmentation, and having better ways forward.

Take this link to the next page, to get more details such as preliminary dates, itinerary, locations and other such information.