The work that we do with clients is different from what you’ll find out there in the marketplace.

Our clients have said there is nothing else like it that they have ever attended, and it is different from any other way of classroom learning and trainings they’ve attended.

And for the kind of work that we do, we have put in a years of learning effor, time, and tens of thousands of dollars of investment in materials, courses, world-renowned coaches, speakers and consultants, and to continuously work on ourselves, that takes us to have what it takes to be able to truly serve our clients in a way that brings them forward.

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What clients are saying about us….

Confidence to reach forward
“I get to explore & understand much better of my inner self, inner emotions, inner weakness, and I can take steps by acknowledging the issues & take action to break through the barriers and stigma and have more confidence. This program is unique, far different from all others I’ve attended.

Susie Wong

Senior Bank Executive, MALAYSIA, March 2020

Very interesting and informative
We love to have Ms. Adelena to share her insights on the path to board seats for CFA members in Vietnam. The way she led the discussion was very interesting and informative. I personally got some useful takeaways to develop my career path. Therefore, I recommend her for young investment professionals.

Dzung Cao

Investment Associate, VIETNAM, October 2019

Its intense… and FUN!
Adelena has certainly opened my mind, thoughts, views and whole new perspective in life.

I have also learned psychological and analytical skills, and it’s absolutely mind blowing!! I learned to drop the word ‘try’ in my vocabulary, and to use WILL instead!

The journey on this course is intense but whole lot of fun! The role plays certainly helped gained my confidence, slowly and surely! Adelena, you’re the best! THANKS A BUNCH! xoxo


Interior Furnishing Business, MALAYSIA, June 2019

Discover more of your possibilities

If it feels like the kind of results you want is similar to one or some of my clients, and you’re open to have different and new learnings, then this kind of work may be a fit for you.

What our clients have gained is new learnings, insights and discoveries that makes it possible to reach a higher ‘best version’ of the results they can have.

If this way of learning is something that interests or excites you, and you want to know more, send us some details here so we can help to answer your questions.

What clients say they loved about working with us…

Positive impact on my personal growth
This program really made a huge impact, not just to the progress of my businesses but also to the growth of myself as a person and the owner of the business.

With a complete session of the first entrepreneur coaching program, I have grown a lot from where I was 3 months ago, and currently, with just 1 session in the 6-figure business program, I’m all geared up for more achievements in my businesses! Thank you, Adelena and Dephy!

Dymphna Lanjuran

Lawyer & Art Business, MALAYSIA, November, 2017

Easy to understand
Adelena and Dephy are passionate about sharing insights and experiences to inspire the audience to find meaning in life. Whether one is happy with where one is now or looking for some inspiration to live a more fulfilling life, there are many tips to bring back from their engaging and practical session. Living an abundant, rich and fulfilling life is an important topic, and they both made it easy-to-understand with clear principles and time-tested wisdom.

Chiew Sheau-Mei

TAR College, MALAYSIA, April, 2017

Huge strides forward
Working with Adelena has been outrageously rewarding and life-changing. As an artist, I have been extremely creative and prolific throughout my career, but have never experienced the kind of manifestation in the physical realm that I am by working with her.

Each day a new, more powerful opportunity arises and I am making huge strides forward.

Adelena has guided me through our sessions with wisdom and a clear sense of direction and has created a personal structure for me to clearly find my vision and work it. She has noticed areas where I have lapsed and has offered useful suggestions, visualizations, exercises and care to help me refocus my attention and keep me on track. She has been patient and solid in her support and a sincere and serious coach. I am truly changing for the better and would recommend her to anyone.

Liz Addison

Artist, U.S.A., 2012

I feel very supported
Adelena was very enthusiastic & positive in facilitating our group, often offering insightful advice which inspired us to shift our perceptions from just living an ordinary life, to moving beyond into creating the extraordinary life we all deserve. I felt very supported throughout our 11 week Mastermind program & would highly recommend her life success coaching programs to my friends & colleagues!

Michelle Cempaka

Healer & Spiritual Therapist, INDONESIA, December 2012

My coach is a gem!
Everybody can help themselves achieve their dreams, goals and desires and everybody has equal potential and it’s infinite! I would love to share Bob Proctors concepts with many and use them to gather momentum, urgency, creativity in my business and personal growth. Adelena is fantastic, very confident and very sincere. My coach is a gem!

Greace Chew

Owner, Dance Studio MALAYSIA, 2011

Mind-opening exercise
If we want to change our results, we must change our self-image first. The mastermind sessions coached by Adelena has been a mind opening experience.

Lim Shyang Huei

Executive, MALAYSIA, 2011

I have more clarity
I achieved clarity in who I am now and more aware of what I lack or desire to have.

Chan Li Cheng

Executive, MALAYSIA, 2011

If you’re a highly proactive achiever and have some significant goals and a higher place in life that you’ll want to be, then this coaching program is likely the right fit for you.
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