Joining the Pioneer Community

Its a new way of experiencing learning that brings pioneers to reach their higher possibilities

These are some questions others have asked :

1. Is it a classroom training program?

Clients do get to experience a different way of learning, to explore new ideas and thinking, without relying on traditional learning methods. Our clients have also said that for the kind of work we do and the learnings they gained, there is nothing like it in the market.

2. What are the benefits?

Its a different way to reach your higher results – in a way that is fun, challenging and somewhat ‘different’.

Our clients have achieved unexpected results, by discovering new ways to do things, and exploring new ideas and thinking and be able to take steps forward.

3. How often are meetings going to be?  

Group meetings are once every 3 months, where all members of 3PC are invited to participate. There are also 1-on-1 meetings where we will be ‘working’ on those things that are important to you, that could be in a more private setting and which are at dates & times that you require.

4. Any requirements to be a member of 3PC? 

Well, just one – that you’re someone who is open to having new ideas and open to new or different ways of experiencing learning.

5. Are meetings P&C?  

Yes, and is expressed in our contracts with each client who decides to be working with us on their higher results. You’ll never hear us discuss matters of a client, just as we’ll never discuss your matters with anyone else. In fact, our clients volunteer to give testimonials with their names & title, and that is how others get to know about us.

6. Is it optional to attend meetings? 

As the client, you get to decide what goes on your calendar, at all times. 

Be sure to get back to the person who invited you, and ask how to get started and be a member of 3PC.

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