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Pioneering ways forward and reaching a higher ‘high’

It’s a way that those who want to pioneer to a different level of success can be amongst some others who are more like themselves – as peers to connect, collaborate and create new innovative ideas and experience learning together.

We’re curating members of 3PC by inviting a select group of business individuals who are already somewhat comfortable in business and have the resources to advance to a new level – yet want to have better ways to reach higher.

What 3PC looks like on your calendar :
4 group get-togethers   +   small-group meet-up with 1 or 2 others   +   1-on-1 conversations


What 3PC could feel like for you :
– moving towards the actions of achieving something more
– having an open mind about learning some different ways forward
– wanting to meet others like you, who also want something more in life
– being curious about ‘what else’ is truly possible for you
– have the willingness to discover new ways of doing things

The fee to join and be part of 3PC for a year is just USD $20,000, which is reasonable for the kind of results that is possible to have. And we know it is possible because we have done this with other clients over the years – by bringing them to have new & different ways to reach multiple times of the results they thought would be possible.

In 3PC, you’ll get to meet with a select group of business leaders whom we’ve specially invited. The fee for 3PC is one of the lowest and most affordable rates in the market, where you get to be part of such a community that is by-invitation only.

The uniqueness of being part of 3PC is because of the kind of work we have been doing for years with others who are like yourself – those who have the resources to pioneer – and who want a different kind of thinking to do it.

  3PC   is about being with a community of pioneers who are also adventurous, creative, open-minded and want to have different ways to reach higher results.

And we’re inviting people like yourself – high performers who want to know how to operate from a place of higher possibilities to reach their higher goals.

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