Pioneers are constantly seeking new and better ways to do ‘things’. Where there may not be any ‘path’ yet, pioneers have the vision and a desire  to create one.

They are on the look-out for what might be the ‘next level’ achievement – maybe a new product, a different kind of service or forging new paths to new markets in a different continent – there could be some different ways that could help them reach ‘there’.

And being with peers who share the vision is a way to have more of what is possible.

The   3PC  community is about business leaders and pioneers wanting to reach even higher and want to have new ways to reach those possibilities.

Community of 3PC

We’re inviting a small number of dynamic, successful and learning business owners to be in the community of 3PC.

They’re already somewhat comfortable, having had some achievements – but are constantly looking for what else is new and having fresh opportunities.

They also already have the kind of resources needed to make bigger ‘things’ happen – and perhaps want to know some others who may be seeking the same.

This Invitation to be in 3PC

You’re likely to be one who takes a modern approach, and to use more creative and progressive thinking, knowledge and actions in business. And you’re more optimistic and keen than others to create a bigger and better future in business.

Perhaps there’s some curiosity about more ways to reach higher. There could be opportunities to use updated systems, or to reach higher relationships and to have more influence. You may be curious to know what else works better for you.

This is an invitation for you to be part of 3PC for the coming year. It is a different way to learn and discover more about reaching your higher goals and doing this together with some business peers who are somewhat like you.

How 3PC is a Different Way Forward

There may be ways to leverage more, and to have higher relationships, more influence, new partnerships; or perhaps to be a more assertive leader.  These are just some things that we’ve worked with other clients that has helped them to have higher success.

It could also be that you want to discover more about :

  • ways to reach out for more ideas and partnerships
  • have other ways to ‘connect the dots’ to reach higher results
  • learn new vantage points that could work better
  • have more ways to reach higher outcomes
  • experience different ways that others think and learn
  • know of other ways to expand your boundaries of success


In the 3PC, we’ll be doing some work together, and use a process of discovery that has worked successfully with many clients over the years, to help you create the kind of outcomes you want. It’s a safe space to have valuable conversations and create higher outcomes that takes place in a group of peers.

The Way 3PC Works

There are 3 formats for get-togethers. It could be in a 1-on-1 process of discovery and learning, in small groups with just one or two others, and in a 3PC get together where all are invited.

Each format, if it is what you choose to do, adds to the kind of outcomes towards the higher results you want to have.

Working together in a process of discovery and learning could happen at regular fixed intervals such as once a month, or fortnightly, or when it is needed to shed light and have more options.

There could be one or several other members in 3PC with whom it may be of deeper interest to explore new ideas and opportunities. A small get-together that is organised and conducted in a conducive manner helps to achieve more.

Members of 3PC will be receiving invitations to get-together to met, engage and celebrate success together, with others in the group. There could also be opportunities to know other successful business owners outside of 3PC, who are invited by us to connect, meet and share.

This is an invitation for you to be in 3PC and be part of a new way to do things, that brings you forward to reach your highest vision of success.

Be sure to get back to the person who gave you the invitation to this page, and find out more about 3PC and other information that you may require.

Or you could visit the 3PC frequently asked questions page to know more.