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Congratulations & Welcome to 3PC!

We’re excited that you’ll be part of 3PC community together with other successful business leaders


Here are some next steps…

1. If you have just confirmed your seat in the 3PC, over the next hour or two, you’ll receive some emails from us. Please look out for these emails and send us back your responses at the soonest.

2. Create time on your calendar. There will be get-togethers and meetings, and you’ll receive the invites several days in advance. You get to decide on attending 3PC get-togethers and meetings. And, if you choose not to attend any one or more of our get-togethers, there will not be any refunds nor replacements. You are highly encouraged to attend all and participate fully in the work we’ll be doing together.

3. No additional costs to be incurred for meetings and venue. However, you are responsible for any personal costs incurred, which may include : personal food & drink consumption, accommodation & travel and / or costs of such other personal requirements.

4. No substitution. 3PC community shall comprise of those named participants, and seats and participation at events may not be substituted with another at any time.

5. Recording devices for audio or video capture of meetings or get-togethers is not permitted.

Check back here, frequently, for more information on the upcoming get-togethers. Venues are worked on progressively, and will be updated to this page.

This page contains most of the information that you’ll find useful throughout the duration of 3PC 2021.
Be sure to bookmark this page so you can get back to it easily.

Updated : 11:30am on Saturday, 14th Mar, 2020