Joining Salon

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Here are a few questions that others have asked :


1. How many 3-day Intensives are included for free?

Two times a year, we invite a small group of people to join us at a specially selected location somewhere in the world, to participate in the 3-day coaching Intensive. Salon members get to participate for free by paying only their own travel costs.


2. How many times in the year, for group and individual sessions?

The Salon members get-together once each month, for up to half the day. In the year, there are 10 group get-togethers plus two global coaching destination Intensives (free for Salon members), and individually, a member may also opt to have coaching in-private once each month.


3. Any option to pay by instalments?

Program fees are paid in full at the beginning of the program. Financing can be arranged directly with your bank or credit card issuer co.


4. How is Salon different from some other training or mentoring program?

Salon is a group coaching program, and the main focus is helping you to implement the highest vision of yourself. We focus on transformation (not information); and helping others to discover new ways and thinking to get-OUT-of-the-box (vs be-in-the-box).


5. What kind of skills can be developed or improved with Coaching?

Our other clients sought to develop higher results, and along they way, they improved or acquired skills such as – speaking, sales, leadership, business mindset, entrepreneurship, finance awareness, relationships & parenting, and others. See some client testimonials here.


6. Any materials that will be provided for self-study?

Yes, we do offer additional resources during the course of Salon, that helps you to increase your understanding and success. These include some specific tools we’ve created to help and enhance the learning experience, and other essentials, such as books, videos and other materials


7. Can you provide some details of topics that will be covered?

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Salon is for some like-minded people to get-together more often; some fun and interesting people who want to have more out of life. And to reach higher for all that could be possible, in the attitude of having ‘fun’.

If this is the kind of community that you want to be around with more frequently, then the Salon could be just right for you.

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