Joining Salon

See below for details and outline of the topics & themes that we will be working on together

The following are the topics / themes covered in the course of Salon :

1. Say ‘YES’ to myself, for me.

Recognise those times when you’re unnecessarily ‘giving it away’, such as being happy or calm, sense of determination, pride, or joy, sense of control or authority, etc. And learn how to ‘hold on’ to those things you need to help you move forward.


2. Permission to live a balanced lifestyle

Learn some ways to create the kind of patterns (plans, habits, actions) in your life that serve you and helps you to move forward.


3. Reaching higher success and in the attitude of having fun

Discover, learn and apply different perspectives, and new ways to think, and let go of “work hard for money” thinking.


4. Thinking how to stop Living someone else’s life?

Become more aware and clear about what you want – career, relationships, money, opportunities, possibilities… – and learn some new ways that moves you forward towards the vision of what you want. Create and live life that is by your design.


5. Have more success at Selling

Get better results in Sales, and know what makes a great sales conversation. Know some aspects of creating a targeted conversation from start to end, that helps to create excitement about your product. or service.


6. Leaders who lead in a modern world

Learn some must-have skills, conversations and mindset to be an effective leader in this century.


7. “Are you listening?”

Innovate how to speak, what to say and increase your influence; create more engagement and deeper connection with others by knowing how to create powerful meaningful conversation.


8. A Business mindset, and how to have a different (new) mindset.

Get clear on what your business needs of you, and the vision of your business success. Learn some things you need to do to make things happen.


9. Slow down so you can speed up

We’ll work together on to find out some things that you’d need to, have to or should do, and to recognise which areas you can choose to focus on to be more effective.


10. Writing your own music

If you can think it, you can do it. Learn some ways to have more confidence, belief and trust in yourself, and know the kind of thinking and actions it might take to reach higher.

These are in no specific sequence; some topics / themes may require more attention than others, and we’ll discover this as we go along. Some additional themes may also come up in the course of Salon, and could be added to our conversations as a group.

Here are some things clients say about working with us …

“I got to realise very quickly that my bad habits and current behaviours were shaped by my responses to my past experiences in life. I was able to gain insights and new perspectives on how I look at things and life.”

“I learned that I should ‘lean’ into my fears even though I may feel uncomfortable.”

“I achieved a higher level of consciousness, feel more grounded and have developed a stronger sense of self worth. This has increased my self confidence and resulted in my achieving greater levels of success and income.”

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