It’s for a few high performers to advance together in a small group setting

An Invitation

You could be a person who others describe as being fun, interesting or fascinating, or all of the above

And perhaps you want to meet some others like you – some fun, interesting others who also want more from life – that you can surround yourself with.

It could be a small group or small community of others like yourself – that you can connect with, to have new ideas and learn from.

It’s official. We’ve launched ‘The Salon’.

The highest possibilities lives outside of ‘possible’ – it lives somewhere together with ‘inspiration’.

If you have experienced my work as a coach on any group work, then you probably already know a thing or two about me. I only do those things that could bring my clients to a brand new level of inspiration.

So I’ve created ‘The Salon‘ with that in mind – reaching for the highest possible – reaching for 10x. ie: 1,000%

Yes, its about reaching for 10x – for whatever that you want more of… its about going full on and reach for 10x.

And to be achieving it all .. in the attitude of having fun.

Tour around ‘The Salon’

We will get together each month as a group, and work on those things that you want to have greater insights on.

Perhaps you’ll have some new discoveries, or recognise some different ways to do things. New ideas could come up that was never thought of before.

Some of these may seem unfamiliar or cause some discomfort, yet the biggest possibilities lies just outside of the discomfort. And this is what ‘The Salon’ is created to help you achieve – so you can take steps forward.

As a member of ‘The Salon’, the highest achievement possible is by consistently show up in your commitments. Show up powerfully – and live in your highest potential.

What to expect at ‘The Salon’

Here are some important things you can expect when you become a member of ‘The Salon’.

Expect deep coaching. In ‘the Salon’, we’ll go deep… even deeper .. to discover more than ever before.

Expect new skills. There could be opportunities to gain some useful skills at ‘The Salon’, such as having coaching conversations, listening or being present.

Expect to ‘play’ full out. Be ready to step up – and don’t hold back, and discover what could be truly possible for you.

Expect fun-work. Resources are provided for use at your own time, such as reading titles, informative web links and other valuable resources.

Expect the unexpected. You might have some insights that could shift the world for you. Or maybe have a discovery that moved away old boundaries that made everything seem new & different. Or something else that is unexpected.

Expect challenge. ‘Possibilities’ live outside of the comfort zone, and at times it could feel like a kind of challenge to move away from the ‘old’ and step forward to the ‘new’.

Be willing to go ‘all in’. What you’ll receive in ‘The Salon’ each time is up to you. At times there is a new discovery or insight that shifts ‘old’ things away for you; at times there could be some learnings and ideas. Be willing to go ‘all in.

How it works

The group meets on the first Saturday of each month and spends time in the afternoon together.

The meeting venues will be at private locations that are specially selected, and will be different each time. You’ll receive information about the exact location prior to the meeting which are located near and around the city.

Each time we meet, it could be for up to 4 hrs where you’ll be invited to use this time in creating more of the kind of things you want to have.

Bring your own notebooks and pen to take down important notes.

Being a Member of ‘The Salon’

As a member, you’ll be invited to one deep dive (each month) in a group setting, and to participate in two of our 3-day Intensives to be held at some carefully selection locations elsewhere.

There are also in-private sessions, and each month, there are some slots available for members of Salon to book the time and help that they require.

The time that we’ll have as a group at a deep dive may be up to 4 hours and perhaps slightly over. This is time dedicated to yourself to discover more of your highest possibilities – its your ‘ME’ time.

Each deep dive session is specially crafted and each is different. There are opportunities to be exposed to different thinking and experiences, new learnings and ways to do things.

You get to decide how much you’ll want to receive in ‘The Salon’. For some of my clients, I’ve seen ‘things’ happen literally almost overnight …. even though some people say these things could ‘normally’ would take years to achieve,

And this is the exact reason why I’ve decided to create ‘The Salon’ – because by choosing to have what is ‘normal’ just means that one is NOT yet experiencing what is their highest possibility.

Debut Season

Doors are now open to join ‘The Salon’ for its Debut Season that begins from January, 2020.

There are only seats for a few truly fun and fascinating individuals to join ‘The Salon’ during the Debut Season. And it’s for those who want to reach their highest possible, in the attitude of having fun.