Paddee Connexions is a Malaysian company founded in 2015 to provide talent development solutions for clients and businesses.

Our Story

Ms Dephy Oon and Ms Adelena Lestari Chong together founded Paddee Connexions to provide coaching solutions for top executives to easily and effortlessly lead their businesses in the 21st century.

Prior to partnering in Paddee Connexions, Ms Dephy Oon had over 10yrs as business owner of Technology Solutions provider in Malaysia and China, specialising in Human Resources for technology. At that time, separately, Ms Adelena Chong had a Corporate  Services business for over 10years based in Penang, Malaysia. She had also become the first Woman Chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants for Penang in 2006.


Public Speaker

Offering coaching insights to improve corporate culture, mindset & leadership.

The Coach

We offer individual and group coaching for Clients who want better ways to reach higher possibilities.

Board Member & Director

Ms Adelena Chong is serving as Director for PBEC in Hong Kong and MACD.

Business Advisory

Consulting and advisory for business setup, staffing, accounting & cashflow, collections.

Our Team

Dephy Oon


Adelena Lestari Chong


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