Global Destination Intensives

A few times each year, we ask our best clients to join us at a beautiful location somewhere in the world and show them how to experience deep coaching by doing more inner work.

Each deep dive is specially crafted and designed. There are no two deep dives that have ever been the same. Each client, and us, brings along something new and unique to the ‘table’ and everyone there can benefit from.

Additionally, here’s some other things that usually ‘happens’ at any intensive: 

+ gain intellectual uplift & new learnings
+ let go of what doesn’t serve you
+ wholesome mind & body energy shifts
+ clarity
+ positivity
+ doing valuable & important ‘work’
+ willing to explore other thoughts
+ openness to new ideas
and more.


Location & Venue

It’s always held at one of the beautiful spots around the world that is conducive to be doing energetic deep inner work.

Join the Intensive

Salon members get to attend all global intensives for free. In 2023 upwards, Salon Elite members get additional free 2 seats to the intensive, and can invite two guests / friends / partners to join them and attend the intensive for free. 

Travel Arrangements

Participants are responsible for  their own arrangements for flights, F&B, hotel or other personal requirements, as they travel from various point of origin. We’ll meet together as a group at a date and time provided for the intensive.

What to expect

Here are some things to know and that you may be able to experience by being at an intensive.

+ expect the unexpected – some new ideas, thoughts, discoveries that was not thought of before

+ learn of different ways to ‘see’ and to ‘know’ more about things / thoughts/ ideas / challenges / solutions that were not there before

+ recognise areas of hidden emotions and what else that truly matters while being coached

+ have more feelings of care for yourself, your life or the things that are truly important for you

+ recognize any hidden ‘parts’ within and to allow it to come forward to be acknowledged 

These are just a few reasons why a destination Intensive can be so powerful for clients who seek to get more from life.

Each Destination Intensive is unique, special and its a one-of-a-kind experience.

It’s the kind of work that helps clients to re-visit and re-claim that which is already theirs, and have newer ways to get beyond and to have more than they ever thought possible.

The 2023 Global Destination Intensive

Europe to Asia, our clients join us on each of these most fascinating learning adventures together with a few others in a group.

The 2023 Intensive is still ‘in the works’. Check back here for more details that will be posted up in a short few weeks!

Life is a journey, not a destination 

Ralph Waldo Emerson probably describes it best in his ethos on life. And it’s this similar idea that is a foundation for us being a professional to coach clients.

It’s this spark for life – a continuous search for ‘more’ – that lights up everything we do for clients, being curious and to discover more than what is already known.

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