Being in the unexpected

Perhaps you’ve noticed that in recent years, the life and expectations that is normal to one to have, has been subject to frequent disruptions and changes. Living, planning, goals, roles and expectations of people and things is already fundamentally altered, and people are having to learn how to adapt.

The ‘comfort zone’ has moved, and it seems like there needs to be different thinking and newer mindsets to have better opportunities and choices, and be in more ‘comfort’.

For some of our clients, these are the clues to ‘work’ on –  that is, they seek to learn some new ways to be innovative, creative, better plans and more flexibility in the way to do ‘things, and get closer to their goals.

Achievements in a new era

Those who are high-performing individuals, and who are capable of high achievements and reaching their goals, are those who know their ‘territory’ well. It could have taken months and even years for these individuals to gain true knowledge in their industry or field or roles, and they take this responsibilities seriously.

But some things have changed – and boundaries too, have changed. It’s no longer the same ‘field’ as it used to be. There is less structure, more uncertainty; less speed and more complexity.

And what we do is to help clients know how to cope with sudden changes and shifts in life, by having new knowledge and ways to adjust themselves and to be ‘in the flow’ and still to be ahead.

Knowing ways to have more

Our clients learn the ability to engage within, and to discover much more of the kind of abilities and ‘gifts’ that supports them to achieve more, even whilst being in a complex and uncertain world.

They  place a high value on having ‘internal order’ – that is, to have ways to have balance and be aligned to their ambitions, to have clear focus and reach forward happily in the direction of their choice.

Our clients also want to know the ways to access their hidden talents and individual gifts, so they can have repeatable success and achievements. They are interested to have more knowledge and be in control of their own ‘system’, rather than being concerned about one-off ways to earn money or have more prospects.

What some clients are saying…

“I decided to join because I was a little directionless in my career, and a bit disorganised in taking charge of my personal life. And in this program, I learnt to be accountable and learning to influence people in a positive direction. This has really helped me.”
~ Liyana, Business Owner

There were “wow” moments for things which I never have thought about before and applying some tools and tips were awesome! A great journey indeed and highly recommended!
~ Zulaifah, Head of Finance, Singapore

The journey on this course is intense but whole lot of fun! The role plays certainly helped gained my confidence, slowly and surely!
~ Farhana, Business Owner

Beneficial Outcomes

We do the work together with our clients, to get them to be where they need to be to have what they want to have in their life. That means, its about showing clients how to create outcomes by using different ways of seeing and understanding their challenges or ambitions, that gets them ahead.

Some of our clients know the outcomes they want to have, but see better, newer or easier ways to  ‘get there’. Some may discover it was not challenging enough, or that it was something they never thought would be possible.

Here are some things that clients have gained when working with us:

  • a new reality – getting that promotion, or higher income, that you’ve always wanted;
  • feel effortless – being less busy and more productive at the same time;
  • awareness & insights – ‘operate’ at a higher level of business results;
  • higher confidence – asking for what matters to you;
  • natural leadership – inspiring trust with others;
  • positive parenting – recognising new possibilities in parenting;
  • .. and more.

How this works

There are times when clients know where they need to be by taking the cues from expectations at work, job assessments and evaluations. Some other clients have taken the cues from spiritual or metaphysical guidance, thus knowing the kind of knowledge and skills they want to have. At times, its to overcome some challenges in life, and having different ways to do it.

The work we do together is to show clients the ways to achieve their desired outcomes, and creating different and new results. What clients want is also to achieve this in the easiest, most effortless way possible.

Each client, and the things they want is different and unique. There are no fixed formulas for this kind of work that clients require; there is no “syllabus” or pre-determined content, that if used, can work for these many varied needs of each client.

This work requires more than just experience; it also requires several hundreds of hours of actively doing this work ourselves, and with different world-renowned guru’s in the different arts, so as to be able to masterfully perform this work with our clients.

Create some space

There are some things that clients can do to prepare themselves to get the most benefit out of this time together.

Here’s a brief list :

  • putting the dates firmly on calendar
  • getting sufficient rest beforehand
  • taking some time for yourself in between
  • curious to have higher achievements
  • able to be “all-in” the process

Doing the work

Clients get to decide the kind of outcomes to have, at all times. There may be situations that a client wants to have more ‘speed’ and be able to go ‘faster’; there may also be times when its to have a more intensive experience and to uncover more.

Doing this work with clients, we help a client to know more about their vision and have a plan. We help clients to uncover more of what gives them joy, and the things that consumes energy and exhausts them.  Occasionally, there may be a skill or two that is needed, and that we may be able to teach and help with.

On the Calendar

In these 3 months, its the time that is for creating new and different outcomes that can match with your desired performance levels. Together, we’ll explore how to reach those outcomes, by knowing one or two things that works better, and taking the needed action.

During this time, we’ll be working together 1-on-1, and to be focused on things you need to have. We’ll be doing this work together at regular intervals every fortnightly, and it may be taken on a video-call or in-person. This is a focused approach, where the client is likely to get the most out of each session for him or herself, and is perfect for convenience and time.

Available resources

During the time of doing this work together in the process, there may be some useful resources and information that comes up, that is shared. These could be book titles, or links to web content, videos or other information that is useful, and is additional and relevant at that time. Have some writing utensils and a notebook to take down the information that is useful.

Taking a step forward

We work with a select high-performing individuals who are our clients. Its those who have, and know that having high personal worth is the key to unlock more doors and access more ‘secrets’ to be recognised as an achiever, a leader, a visionary and being someone who seems to get all the ‘right’ opportunities.

Our clients are those who set high goals and expectations on themselves, and require the same of us to help them get ‘there’. There isn’t much that can slow them down, as they know what they want, and where they want to be in life, in the next 1 year, or 2, 5 or even 10 years.

Being in Discovery may be the opportunity to have, that will inspire and show you the ways to use some additional but latent, hidden skills that is already rooted within, to easily make some shifts towards your ambitions and goals.