Live ‘bigger’ after VSS / MSS

Joined Salon 2020

30yrs, Senior Exec, Banking

Let’s Call her Miss A for Anna.

Ms A has always been an adventurous and open-minded person. She always knew that deep inside, she wants to live a ‘bigger’ life, and to be able to help & impact more people…… but she just did not know how.

In 2020, Ms A chose to join Salon and to have our coaching help, so that she could get closer to the life that she really wanted to have –  which is, to have time and money freedom, and to be appointed as Director and Board member for a PLC.  

With the help of a Coach


Board of Director Appointment

With coaching help, Ms A gained the newer perspectives to include in her CV for a Board member function and was subsequently appointed to the board.


50x over the financial goal

With coaching, and by acting on a custom strategy and plan, in 2020 Ms A received >50x of income compared to the amount she thought she was able to earn without coaching.


Committed to Learning

By experiencing and connecting with other members in Salon, Ms A saw and learned much more than ever, and it opened hidden doors for her to get ahead of her ‘impossible’.

Like most people, Ms A has some bigger dreams for herself. But without anyone else knowing, Ms A actually had a secret fear…. and she secretly feared that she did not have the ‘qualification’ to fit into her own dreams.

At mid-50’s, after being employed for all of her career… she wanted to do so much more… but the problem was… she didn’t know how to get past the ‘impossible’ that held her back. She didn’t know how to be more ‘qualified’ for the things she wanted to achieve. 

When we first met, she thought that coaching might help her… but she didn’t know exactly how it would work for her.

The thing is … Ms A is someone who has a lot going for her on the inside. And with that, and to use more of what she had gained in the coaching process, she saw  and understood more ways to reach her ‘goals’. She also knew better how to ‘create’ those newer possibilities that she wanted to have.

We, as her coach, had showed Ms A how to get past her own ‘impossible’ and to live her ‘dreams’, so to speak. We showed her ways that she could use to  transform her past results and old beliefs, and have newer thinking and also gained some additional useful skills that also helped shape her newer results.



Went beyond the 'impossible' and feeling 'not good enough'


Overcame peer expectation to 'retire' at 55yrs of age


Lives life and can travel the world on the spur of the moment, as that is how she dreams of her life of freedom to be

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